Seeing Health the LoRaWAN Way |5 RAK Devices That Can Help Maintain Your Health

health Aug 01, 2019

Seemingly impossible things are becoming possible with the help of IoT, IoT has indeed opened up the world of possibilities in medicine. In the light of that, it is safe to say, “all things are possible with IoT”.

It’s no longer news that LoRaWAN cannot be overlooked when it comes to the Internet of Things which presents itself as a solution to virtually all problems from agriculture to healthcare, perhaps, it’s high time we really started seeing health care from the “LoRaWAN point of view”.

Let’s not forget that, LoRaWAN technology has low power, low cost and reliable performance features and this makes it useful for critical medical operations.

About RAKwireless

Based in Shenzhen with a R&D center in Shanghai, RAKwireless is a company that uses the latest technologies and tools to create better products which are easy to use. We specifically use LoRaWAN technology to manufacture new products suitable for any aspect of life.

As the world advances, we produce more suitable and much more developed devices and one of our visions is to create medical IoT devices that will be used to track and monitor patients’ health status whilst making work easier for health officials.

Remember we talked about the applications of LoRaWAN with reference to smart healthcare recently. RAKwireless is making conscious efforts to develop devices that can help medical officials by providing easy access to emergencies and establish strong databases for health records and management.

These devices can track the locations of patients which enables caregivers to effectively monitor their patients’ movements and day-to-day activities in the absence of supervision by leveraging the geolocation features of LoRa technology.

Below are RAKwireless devices that can be used to monitor health through location tracking:

LoRa Module RAK811

Embedded with LoRaWAN protocol class A and C and LoRaWAN protocol stack ready in system, this device will be very useful in health monitoring. RAK811 is a wireless transparent communicating module designed based on Semtech Sx1275, like other LoRaWAN devices, it boasts of low power consumption features providing battery power that can last for ten years.

It also boasts of high network capacity of about a million nodes, robust communication and localization ability. It enables long range and can reach distances greater than 10 miles, this feature makes it fantastic as caregivers of patients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia can use this device to track the location of “lost” patients.

RAK815 Hybrid Location Tracker

It includes bluetooth beacons for indoor and GPS location for outdoor as well as, five kinds of sensors for various applications. Bluetooth beacons are a class of Bluetooth low energy devices that broadcast their identifier to near portable electronic devices.

They are hardware transmitters that enables smartphones and tablets perform actions when connected. This will enable tracking the location of patients indoors and GPS location tracker makes outdoor tracking possible. This way, the safety of patients will be assured.

WISTRIO LoRa Tracker

Based on the RK505 chipset, this extremely low power consumption device supports multiple global bands and contains a variety of onboard sensors, offering a standard IO and several antenna options.

It is like other LoRa GPS Tracker boards, such as RAK81, mentioned above, but suitable for caregivers and health officials who want their board to comply with 96Boards IoT edition for some reasons.

In addition, it features LoRaWAN 1.0.2 protocol , OTAA/ABP activation, programmable bitrate up to 300kbps and support for global bands. It consists of pressure, humidity and temperature sensors which makes it fantastic for not only location tracking but to regulate environmental temperatures according to the needs of the patients.

And There's Still More

The impressive capabilities of medical technology from imaging equipment to surgical instruments and automated immunoassay cannot be overlooked. These are in many ways a tribute to the advances in computing power, for thermal engineers, of course, it comes with a price as more power equates to more heat.

Medical equipments need heat dissipation management devices to allow excess heat to be efficiently moved, spread and dissipated. RAKwireless has launched new devices that when connected, can improve thermal performance by heat dissipation management features. These devices include;


This is a complete and cost efficient LoRa based gateway solution based on Semtech SX1301 to help utilize the whole LoRa system development. Developers can integrate the concentrator module into the main board to utilize the LoRa gateway function.

This device supports 8 channels and are available in two variants, hence, it can be used for and also, support bands. It includes a GPS module and a heat sink for better performance. This heat sink improves general performance of medical applications by reducing thermal resistance and increasing total heat sink surface area.

As greater demands to precision and reliability are placed on medical equipment, the need for thermal control becomes more critical.

RAK612 LoRa Button

LoRa Button is a remote wireless trigger based on the LoRaWAN protocol. It supports user-defined functions for each key and easy to link to the Cloud. It is LoRaWAN compatible and is used indoors with low power consumption and long battery life. It is a high performance and fully functional device that can transmit data via a long range, like other LoRaWAN devices enabling health care providers work efficiently.

Bottom Line

This is not the end of LoRaWAN application in the healthcare sector as many more devices would be developed not only to advance the use of medical electronics but to make even the treatment of patients easier.

With the prospective development of devices which have direct uses in healthcare, IoT is helping to improve the healthcare sector with the use of LoRaWAN technology.

Soon, IoT devices would be used in cancer treatment, detection of heart’s vital signs by the possible development of wearable ECGs and hearing aids which would be designed to be ultra small and wireless for people with hearing impairments.

These devices would enable support for multiple protocols in a specified bandwidth and will be very effective on low power.

IoT will relentlessly continue to innovate and create flexible, reliable and cost-effective solutions in healthcare and all other medical applications including the surgical theater!

LoRaWAN technology is indeed a good fit for medical applications and is one of the possible tools to use in the concept of smart healthcare.

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