Arduino compatible $19.9 RAK WisCam Open Source IoT Wi-Fi Camera

Latest News May 22, 2017

RAK WisCam is ultra-low-cost Modular Based Evaluation Kit to help the developer to design Wi-Fi video product with Linux OS. WisCam can transmit video through Wi-Fi to APPs and all the source codes are available on the Github.

WisCam supports YUV RAW data so developers can make video scaling (up to x1~x8 scaling), video cropping , video overlapping etc. or change CMOS image sensor.


• Low-cost ELA (Educational Learning Aid)

• HMI (Human Machine Interface)

• Wi-Fi IP Camera

• Video Baby Monitor

• Medical Monitoring

• Plant growth record

• Driving recorder

• Machine vision

• IoT Video product

• Robot or Toys

• Doorbell

• USB Camera UVC

WisCam Camera Specifications

WisCam Block Diagram


Open source hardware:  

All software source code (including firmware, Kernel source code, schematics & PCB layout, Android & iOS source code) is available on Github

Arduino compatible:

Fully hardware compatible with Arduino so it can extend your application with Arduino

.• Cloud server:  

Integrated the P2P cloud server(Nabto P2P) to make playing the video anywhere when you access the internet. The mobile APP(Android and iOS) can play the video and support bi-directional audio between WisCam and APPs

• UART:  

UART interface to communicate with Host MCU or Arduino board. This allows you to focus on your application development

• Accessories:  

Sub-Camera is using for collecting the image sensors and play in APPs via Wi-Fi. Sub-SD&USB is using for USB storage or UVC function and more accessories will be available in the near future

Documents and Source Code

• Documents:

• Source code:

Ken Yu

Founder and CEO of RAKwireless. Making Things at #Rakwireless with The #RAKstars

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