Dear customers :
These equipment of which the conformity assessment has been revoked this time have not been imported or sold in Republic of Korea.

Certification/Registration Number Model Number
MSIP-CRM-SrT-RAKRSR001 RAK473, RAK472, RAK475, RAK47219, RAK47218, RAK47217, RAK47216, RAK47215, RAK47214, RAK47213, RAK47212, RAK47211, RAK47210
MSIP-CRM-SrT-RAKQMR004 RAK413, RAK411, RAK499BS-ST02, RAK499AS-ST02, RAK499, RAK415, RAK413, RAK4129, RAK4128, RAK4127, RAK4126, RAK4125, RAK4124, RAK4123, RAK4122, RAK4121, RAK4120, RAK412
MSIP-CRM-SrT-RAKRSR005 RAK476, RAK474, RAK477, RAK47419, RAK47418, RAK47417, RAK47416, RAK47415, RAK47414, RAK47413, RAK47412, RAK47411, RAK47410