RAK launches the Open Beta Testing Program for ‘WisCore’, an Amazon Voice Service (AVS) inside Open-Source Hardware Kit.

On 11th April, the AWS organized a meet to introduce the Amazon Alexa+IoT for Shenzhen area developers. The RAK, Shenzhen based IoT hardware provider is launching their Linux based Hardware modules WisCore which implement all Amazon Alexa (AVS) Stack.

Moreover, ‘WisCore’ also Includes the Sub board for hands-free audio front end systems. The Audio Sub Board features Microsemi Voice Input Processor with a single or dual microphone board and Sensory's TrulyHandsfree™ wake word engine tuned to "Alexa". This can help you quickly and easily to build Alexa Enable Products.

This solution is an ideal module for Home Automation application and is different from our existing Alexa embedded modules only for wifi speaker application. The WisCore provides plenty of interfaces like UART, I2S, I2C, SPI, Ethernet etc. for developers who can build the home gateway, Robot, Camera, appliances with Alexa inside.

The WisCore is an AVS open source hardware module also compatible with Arduino shield and connect to Raspberry Pi via Ethernet. You can leverage abundant demos based on Arduino and Raspberry Pi to realize your ideas.

From 15th April, RAK will start the WisCore Open Beta Tester Program, during the registration period (from 4/13-5/13), the interested developer can visit RAK Website to make registration. Once complete the registration, we will choose the 50 backers to send the WisCore to them for testing.

Meanwhile, all the developers can follow the RAK social media and logon to community: http://support.rakwireless.com/ to understand the latest progress of the product.

Compared to Amazon Alexa demo library base on Android OS and Raspberry Pi, RAK WisCore provides the SDK environment base on OpenWRT (Linux). The big benefit is low cost as well as the open-source environment. How it works?

  • WisCore is built in AVS, the developer can use WisCore to build similar products like Amazon Echo Dot.
  • Developers can program inside the WisCore based on OpenWRT to realize his own application code.
  • WisCore also provides the library base on RAK Igate Middleware, this is commercial level SDK for home automation applications.
  • WiSore compatible to Arduino Shield, you can use UART to communicate with Arduino core to leverage the plenty demos based on Arduino.
  • WisCore can communicate with Raspberry pi through Ethernet.

Not only the developer, but also the product company can use WisCore to build many prototypes with AVS inside, for instance, the Home Gateway with Alexa, Robot with Alexa inside, Smart speaker with Alexa, Pet food supply with Alexa.

Join us to make more innovation based on WisCore.