Dekist’s Industrial Temperature and Toxic Gas Monitoring: The Solution for Safe Work Environment

Dekist, a leader in the IoT field, has created a temperature and toxic gas monitoring solution that tackles major safety challenges in industrial safety.

The solution, named Radionode365, is designed to measure temperature and gases. This is crucial for meeting regulatory standards and avoiding accidents in key sectors like food, pharmaceuticals, and bioengineering.

For businesses in industries with strict rules like Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), it's crucial to keep an eye on temperature, environment, and how everything runs. Radionode365 provides a reliable way to monitor temperatures, helping minimize risks and stick to these important standards.

LoRaWAN® for Industrial Temperature Monitoring

Addressing temperature management challenges is a key focus of Radionode365. Industries such as food storage, pharmaceutical labs, and bioengineering facilities often struggle to maintain the necessary temperature conditions, and this solution is designed to tackle that very issue effectively.

Temperature variations can compromise product quality, result in spoilage, and pose potential health hazards. Radionode365 offers real-time temperature monitoring based on LoRaWAN. It alerts users right away if temperatures go out of the ideal range. This way, it helps keep products in top shape, meets strict standards, and makes sure customers are satisfied.

Toxic Gas Sensor Based on LoRaWAN

Another critical aspect of industrial safety is the monitoring of toxic gases—which demands reliable gas leak detectors. The rise in safety-related laws in Korea has brought a heightened focus on gas monitoring in industrial settings. Companies are now legally obligated to prevent fatal accidents caused by gas asphyxiation.

Radionode365, featuring which uses LoRaWAN technology, provides dependable gas leak detection with its advanced gas sensors. This system monitors a range of toxic gases like CO2, NO2, SO2, hydrogen, and more, alerting individuals promptly to potential dangers. This helps to prevent accidents, ensure compliance with safety regulations, and protect the well-being of employees.

Why LoRaWAN is Reliable and Safe

What sets Radionode365 apart from other wireless temperature and environment solution providers is its adoption of temperature monitoring devices and gas sensors, and making LoRaWAN its preferred connectivity option.

While many competitors rely on Wi-Fi or other communication protocols, Dekist recognized the limitations of Wi-Fi, particularly in scenarios like buildings and hospitals, where interference can be a significant challenge.

By leveraging the benefits of LoRaWAN, Radionode365 eliminates the compatibility issues associated with Wi-Fi routers and provides a complete sensor and gateway solution. This integration streamlines the installation process and enhances the overall user experience.

Moreover, Radionode365's solution extends beyond temperature and toxic gas monitoring. The platform enables users to set custom thresholds for temperature management, ensuring precise control and compliance with specific industry requirements. The software platform also offers integrated signal management, allowing the connection of additional sensors such as water velocity, flow meters, and signal contacts through industrial interfaces like 4-20mA, 0-1V, and pulse.

Dekist Radionode365 Dashboard in Widget View
Dekist Radionode365 Dashboard in Widget View
Dekist Radionode365 Dashboard in Image View
Dekist Radionode365 Dashboard in Image View

This expanded functionality enables industrial users to access a wealth of data and perform in-depth analyses based on food positioning index, dew point, or MKT temp—essential parameters in the safety industry.

How Dekist Found the Best Industrial Gateway for LoRaWAN

Dekist recently conducted extensive research and evaluation of various LoRaWAN gateway providers. After careful consideration, they chose RAKwireless' WisGate Edge Lite 2 RAK7268V2, the best indoor gateway for LoRaWAN, due to its exceptional range, stability, and features.

Dekist used the Built-in Network Server of RAKwireless’ RAK7268V2, the best indoor gateway for LoRaWAN.
Dekist used the Built-in Network Server of RAKwireless’ RAK7268V2, the best indoor gateway for LoRaWAN.

RAK7268V2 by RAKwireless has a Built-in Network Server feature and a whitelist filter function that enabled Dekist to significantly reduce network traffic interference and associated project costs. This decision has proven instrumental in achieving a reliable and cost-effective IoT solution for their customers.

Radionode365 has gained significant traction in the market, primarily targeting the Life Science and Safety sectors. The solution has garnered widespread recognition and received high demand from industries seeking to enhance their safety measures and comply with regulatory requirements.

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