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  • New WisBlock Modules in RAK Autumn Launch

    The WisBlock IoT hardware platform just keeps growing and growing. This RAK Autumn Launch event, we are introducing more WisBlock Modules which includes a new WisBlock Core based on the Raspberry Pi RP2040 chip and a new WisBlock Base board that is smaller and low power.

  • Plan your next adventure and just TrackIt RAK2171 WisNode TrackIt

    Planning your next adventure is easy in a connected world – the connected world that we, at RAK, envision! Safety and knowing your place in the world are key for that vision. And what’s easier than to just track it? Your place, I mean.

  • Some Q&A About our Bobcat Enclosure

    As The People’s Network grows more and more, Helium miners are deployed every day. Even though not all of them are RAK Hotspot Miners we, as a believer in Helium’s work, try our best to boost this growth.

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