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  • Become A RAKwireless Affiliate!

    The RAKwireless Affiliate program is a way for the RAK community to earn a commission. Each referred sale brought about by the affiliate partner’s own efforts will earn them a 5% commission across all products.

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  • How to Build a Sustainable, Solar-Powered LoRaWAN® Network

    Solar panels are often paired with batteries to provide a more reliable power solution for a variety of applications. As solar energy does not have a flat 24-hour distribution, that one uses batteries to store energy.

  • LoRa Alliance® Introduces Relay Feature

    The use of Relays and their introduction to the standard would allow to reduce infrastructure CAPEX costs, especially at the edge of the network, while providing stable coverage for mission critical applications for example where consistent coverage is a must.

  • Make Sure Your Environment is Healthy with Helium, RAKwireless and RUI3

    With the new WisBlock RAK12047 VOC sensor it is easy to build a sensor system for your house or office that measures the VOC index of the air. Based on the Sensirion SGP40 and using the Sensirion Gas Index Algorithm, it is just a Click! Code! Connect! to build an air quality sensor.

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  • LoRa Companion: How To Make a LoRa Dongle for Your Computer with RUI3

    I have been making custom LoRa USB dongles for a while now, connected to either my laptop, or a Raspberry Pi, providing a great alternative to squinting at minuscule OLED displays.

  • Get started with RUI3 API

    This article aims to show you the basics to start creating your custom firmware with RUI3 API. We have already the API documentation available in our Documentation Center and example code can be found in the RUI3 BSP and in our Github repo.

  • Basics™ Station on RAK WisGate Developer Gateways

    Since you are here, you probably know what Basics™ Station is and you are interested in knowing how to run it on one of our WisGate Developer Gateways or any other device. But first, let me make a brief introduction.

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