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  • Hands-on with RAKStars San Valentine's Edition

    Every day is a wonderful one to express our love. However, #Valentine's Day is a great excuse to be sweeter than ever. Due to this, we wanted to build something tech special little thing to give a present to your loved ones.

  • Hands-on with RAKStars Episode 48 with Daniel deLaveaga

    During this session, Daniel deLaveaga, Chief Storytelling Officer at Ioterra, will share his professional journey connecting product developers with experts and resources to meet their needs when developing innovative IoT products

  • Hands-on with RAKStars Xmas Edition

    During this session, RAK's team of experts, Jose Marcelino, Johan Macias, and Maria Hernandez, will be closing up the year by hacking the RAK ecosystem to build a Christmas Project to give that Xmas spirit to your electronics projects.

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