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#Hands-on with RAKStars

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  • Hands-on with RAKStars San Valentine's Edition

    Every day is a wonderful one to express our love. However, #Valentine's Day is a great excuse to be sweeter than ever. Due to this, we wanted to build something tech special little thing to give a present to your loved ones.

  • Hands-on with RAKStars Episode 48 with Daniel deLaveaga

    During this session, Daniel deLaveaga, Chief Storytelling Officer at Ioterra, will share his professional journey connecting product developers with experts and resources to meet their needs when developing innovative IoT products

  • Hands-on with RAKStars Xmas Edition

    During this session, RAK's team of experts, Jose Marcelino, Johan Macias, and Maria Hernandez, will be closing up the year by hacking the RAK ecosystem to build a Christmas Project to give that Xmas spirit to your electronics projects.

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  • WisBlock Audio: Why Did We Create it?

    Alarms sound. Computers beep. Babies cry. Our world today is full of more sounds than ever before. The Internet of Things can turn all this sound into data which can then be analyzed and acted upon. That’s why Audio IoT is one of the most exciting fields in IoT.

  • Welcome to WisGate Connect

    The WisGate Connect is a modular IoT platform for multi-radio access networks and IIoT protocols powered by a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. A platform you will be able to tailor to your specific needs: from development to deployment on the field.

  • Listening and Talking WisBlock Audio Modules for IoT

    WisBlock Audio is a range of building blocks including microphones, amplifiers, DSP, and enclosures, which add Audio to WisBlock’s existing ecosystem.

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  • New WisBlock Modules in RAK Autumn Launch

    The WisBlock IoT hardware platform just keeps growing and growing. This RAK Autumn Launch event, we are introducing more WisBlock Modules which includes a new WisBlock Core based on the Raspberry Pi RP2040 chip and a new WisBlock Base board that is smaller and low power.

  • Plan your next adventure and just TrackIt RAK2171 WisNode TrackIt

    Planning your next adventure is easy in a connected world – the connected world that we, at RAK, envision! Safety and knowing your place in the world are key for that vision. And what’s easier than to just track it? Your place, I mean.

  • Some Q&A About our Bobcat Enclosure

    As The People’s Network grows more and more, Helium miners are deployed every day. Even though not all of them are RAK Hotspot Miners we, as a believer in Helium’s work, try our best to boost this growth.

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#Thought Leadership

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  • Listen Before Talk – The Key to Good LoRaWAN® Communication

    The Listen Before Talk #LBT feature is available in all our WisGate Edge version 2 gateways thanks to the amazing capabilities of WisGateOS 2 and the available extension. Don’t miss out on a great market opportunity in South Korea and Japan and minimize data loss with LBT.

  • LoRa vs LR-FHSS

    This article will present some numerical data and also some real scenario measurements in order to compare the new LoRa Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum modulation scheme used post LoRaWAN 1.0.2 spec.

  • #MovingAheadTogether: RAK’s Story of Partnership and Collaboration

    A world powered by IoT is now slowly becoming a reality. What used to be only a few hands that worked on expanding the Internet of Things has now turned into a whole community.

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