RAKwireless in the Eyes of Our Partners and Customers: A Journey of Trust and Collaboration

As we mark our 10th anniversary at RAKwireless, we are filled with immense pride and gratitude. Over the past decade, our journey has been defined by relentless innovation, deep-rooted curiosity, and an unwavering commitment to our partners and customers. We believe in building an ecosystem where collaboration and mutual growth are at the forefront of our mission. Our success is not just our own; it is a shared achievement with those who have walked this path with us.

Since 2014, RAKwireless has grown to become a notable player in the IoT industry, consistently delivering cutting-edge solutions that simplify connectivity and drive value. From pioneering the WisBlock system to launching our zero-touch pre-provisioning solution, our innovations have set new standards in IoT technology.

In this special milestone, we reached out to our partners and customers, inviting them to share their experiences and perspectives. Their insights reflect the strong relationships we have built and the impact of our collaborative efforts in the IoT and LoRaWAN® ecosystems. Join us as we commemorate this milestone by sharing these heartfelt perspectives—directly from the voices of our partners and customers.

Insights from Our Partners

Wienke Giezeman, CEO & Co-founder at The Things Industries

"I want to congratulate RAK on their 10th anniversary. Their position in the market and place in the LoRaWAN ecosystem are invaluable. If you ask me how they have become this successful, it is mostly because they listen. Every time I meet Ken Yu (RAK CEO) and the team, there is this deep-rooted curiosity about what drives value, what makes sense, and how we can make things easier for our customers. On to the next decade of RAK!"

At Embedded World this year, Wienke Giezeman noted that RAKwireless is heading in the right direction, especially after learning about the company's zero-touch pre-provisioning solution. This innovative approach has the potential to significantly simplify scaling for users, further solidifying the RAKwireless position as a leader in the IoT industry.

Orne Brocaar, Founder of ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN Network Server

“The range of RAK products provides many possibilities, from hobbyists and proof of concepts to professional indoor and outdoor deployments. One of the great things is the modularity and openness of the RAK hardware and software, as both the indoor and outdoor gateways are based on OpenWrt.

“While most RAK users will buy a LoRa gateway and use it as-is, there have been ChirpStack users who needed tailored solutions in terms of both hardware and software. RAK has enabled them to implement these solutions and even supported these uses with tools to customize firmware images.”

Iker Milikua, IoT & Communications Product Manager at Venco Electrónica

During Ken's week-long visit to Spain, he had the opportunity to meet with Iker Milikua from Venco Electrónica. Their discussions highlighted the strong partnership and the impact of RAKwireless products and approach. Quoting Iker:

"After a hands-on evaluation and comparison, we selected RAKwireless as our first LoRaWAN brand due to their perfect documentation, user-friendly interface, and robustness. During this journey, we have confirmed that we were not wrong on those three points, which helps us greatly in our customer support.

“Furthermore, in a recent full week of visits and meetings with customers, RAKwireless demonstrated their desire to listen and understand customers, their international approach, the great team of professionals behind them, and their vision of the future with an impressive roadmap.

“Although I initially felt it was quite late to engage, I later observed how customers appreciated RAK's products for their ease of use, customer-centric approach, and tailored solutions. It's now time to strengthen both our distributor partnership and the RAK brand in our market!"

António Valente, Professor, UTAD University (Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro)

Ken had the pleasure of meeting António this year in the beautiful Vila Real. António toured Ken around the university and the winery where the professor's gateway solutions are implemented.

“I first got to know RAKwireless in 2019 when I was looking for a low-cost module that consumed very little energy,” António said.

“This module was to be placed in the vineyard and connected to sensors I already had with SDI-12 communication (using a board developed by me). During this search, I found the WisDuo module from RAKwireless, which met all these requirements. Shortly after, I was gifted a kit introducing the new WisBlock concept, which I was fascinated by.

“Following this fantastic experience, I used WisBlock, together with the gateway (WisGate), in several projects: monitoring the old Maria Teresa vineyard for Quinta do Crasto, the LoRaWAN IoT System for Smart Agriculture for Vine Water Status Determination, and the "Douro Communication Network Challenge" proposed by the IVDP (Institute of Douro and Port Wines), where RAK7249 gateways and sensor modules with WisBlock systems were deployed to demonstrate the feasibility of using LoRaWAN in the Douro.

“Additionally, I used the DSIoT (Developing Solutions to Sustainability Using IoT) project, whose main objective is to provide the vocational education and training (VET) community with tools for using wireless sensor networks over a LoRaWAN communications network.

“I also use the WisBlock system in teaching students at UTAD (University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro) and, in the near future, I plan to utilize the beautiful UTAD campus as a living lab for the use of LoRaWAN in various verticals (agriculture, air quality, water metering, among others). In this context, using the WisBlock system will be an excellent solution as students can see the systems they use in the classroom in action.”

Simon Kemper, CEO, Datacake

Datacake and RAKwireless have grown significantly through collaboration in the LoRaWAN ecosystem. Their shared vision of simplifying user technology has led to innovative solutions seamlessly combining hardware and software.

“We started our journey with IoT in 2016, and I quickly became familiar with RAKwireless because of their strong presence in the industry,” Simon mentioned. “One of the standout moments was when we adopted LoRaWAN technology and experienced their gateways. They were incredibly easy to use, well-designed, and user-friendly. From the beginning, RAKwireless has focused on making things easier for customers, a goal that resonates deeply with us at Datacake.

“Initially, our efforts in simplifying technology were separate, but over time, our collaboration deepened. This partnership culminated in the creation of kits that seamlessly combine both hardware and software. These kits allow customers to purchase comprehensive solutions to their problems without needing to develop them from scratch.

“For us, RAKwireless is a crucial partner. We greatly appreciate their expertise and ability to develop high-quality, easy-to-use hardware."

Commendation Messages from Our Customers

We are also honored to share messages of commendation from our valued customers. Over the years, their feedback and support have been instrumental in shaping our journey and driving our commitment to excellence. These messages reflect the strong relationships we have built and the impact of our collaborative efforts in the IoT and LoRaWAN ecosystems.

“Thank you again for catching my mistake. Your efforts were super helpful, beyond any expressions.

I also appreciate the timely fixing of my incorrect selection and the shipment of said order. 

May your day be overly beautiful in all ways.🙏🙏”

— B. M.

“I just wanted to extend my gratitude for your prompt response and for acknowledging the receipt of my email.

I genuinely appreciate your commitment to customer service, especially in promptly updating me on the status of my order. Your assurance regarding the shipment, along with providing the FedEx tracking number, brings me peace of mind knowing that everything is progressing smoothly.

Fast shipment is crucial for our project timelines, and your efficiency ensures that we stay on track and avoid any potential delays. It's reassuring to know that I can rely on RAKwireless to support our endeavors.

Thank you once again for your excellent service and dedication. If any concerns arise or if further assistance is needed, I'll be sure to reach out.”

— P. S.

“Thank you very much for being so attentive to your customers. I do need 863-870MHz for Germany. Could you change my order, or should I do it?

“I must say that your products, website, and professionalism are impressive.”

— P. K.

“Perfect, I'm glad to hear this worked so well this far! I would also like to take the chance and thank you and your support team for this excellent service and the fast response to my problem - also, your English is excellent! It's truly a pleasure interacting with you!”

— J. K.

“You really have made this mess up a pleasure to sort out from start to finish. You are the best customer service representative I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I have placed another order #14442. Thanks again”

— A. W.

Final Thoughts

We are deeply grateful for the trust and collaboration of our partners and customers. Your insights, feedback, and unwavering support have been the cornerstone of our success and innovation. Looking ahead, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of IoT technology and delivering exceptional solutions that meet your needs.

Here's to the next decade of success, innovation, and shared accomplishments.

We proudly stand with you, NONSTOP.

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