What is IoT Gateway Fleet Management and Why Do You Need It?

A centralized IoT Gateway Fleet Management system provides efficient control and monitoring of numerous IoT gateways within a network. It facilitates smooth integration, configuration, and management, improving operational efficiency and cutting maintenance costs.

Understanding the Advantages and Limitations of LoRaWAN®

When selecting tech for your IoT project, consider LoRaWAN's broad reach and efficient power consumption alongside its constraints. With thoughtful planning, LoRaWAN can be essential to your IoT system, helping devices talk in areas where other technologies may fail.

An Eventful First Month of 2024 for RAKwireless

As we wave goodbye to January, we wanted to share some of the exciting updates and enhancements we've made at RAKwireless. From new product launches to major firmware upgrades, it's been an eventful month that sets a fantastic pace for the rest of the year.

Link.ONE – Connect to the IoT Network of Your Choice

Link.ONE is a powerful IoT device that offers unparalleled connectivity and versatility. With support for cellular, GPS, LoRa/LoRaWAN, and BLE communication as well as expandable modular design, Link.ONE is ideal for a wide range of IoT applications.

RAKwireless Closes $10M Series A Funding Round

Despite global manufacturing and supply chain disruption, the renowned producer of IoT hardware and software tools has seen tremendous growth. The brand supplies technology to household name IoT devices such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Helium-network compatible RAK Hotspot Miner.

RAKwireless Works Hand In Hand With Alliot Technologies

RAKwireless is delighted to announce Alliot Technologies as its Gold-Level Value Added Reseller (VAR). Through this collaboration, RAKwireless and Alliot begin a new journey towards ensuring reliable LoRaWAN® IoT solutions throughout the UK and Europe.

RAKstars - weCARE

With the continuous spread of COVID-19 globally, our teams worldwide have been working out a way on how RAKwireless can help in stopping this dreaded disease from spreading.