Transforming Durian Farming in Malaysia: A High-Tech Approach to Enhancing Standard Operating Procedures with LoRaWAN® and Data Analytics

In the heart of Malaysia, a high-tech revolution is quietly unfolding. The traditional farming landscape is being reshaped by the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), with Sustainable Hrvest Sdn Bhd (SH) leading the charge. This innovative company is harnessing the capabilities of LoRaWAN and data analytics to revolutionize the cultivation of durian, one of the country's most cherished fruits.

Revolutionizing Farming with IoT: SH's Innovative Approach

SH's team, composed of experts in cloud computing, software, and connectivity, does not come from a farming background. This might seem like a disadvantage, but it's actually their strength. They approach farming from a fresh perspective, focusing on how technology can be used to enhance agricultural practices. They understand that the value of IoT in farming isn't just about return on investment (ROI) but also about the ability to analyze and utilize data to improve Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Han Wei, SH's founder, is a respected figure in the high-tech space. Before venturing into durian farming, he gained valuable experience in IoT farming with chili peppers. His reputation is such that he was invited to the Hong Kong IPO event of Alibaba, one of the world's largest e-commerce companies, where he had the honor of striking the bell.

The Role of RAKwireless Gateway in SH's Smart Farming Solution

Under Han Wei's leadership, SH has developed a smart farming solution that leverages our WisGate Edge Pro (RAK7289V2). LoRa-enabled sensors are deployed across durian farms in Malaysia, collecting real-time data on various aspects of the farm, such as soil moisture levels, nutrient content, and irrigation system performance. This data is then analyzed and presented on a user-friendly dashboard, giving farmers a comprehensive view of their farm's health and enabling them to quickly respond to any issues.

Choosing the right gateway was a critical decision for SH. After testing multiple options, they found that the RAKwireless gateway stood out in terms of quality, ease of use, range, and cost.

In the humid climate of Malaysia, the durability of the gateway is paramount, and the RAK7289V2's robust material rating ensures it can withstand the elements. Its impressive range and RF performance, coupled with a battery backup system, ensure a stable and reliable connection, which is crucial in preventing potential losses in farming.

Moreover, the ease of configuration of the RAK7289V2 gateway means faster deployment times, saving costs for the end customer. And speaking of cost, the affordability of the RAKwireless gateway is a significant factor in making IoT accessible to more farmers. This helps them manage their farms more efficiently based on data.

The impact of this technology on durian farming in Malaysia has been profound. Farmers now have real-time visibility into the health of their farms at every stage of the growth cycle, from pre-harvest to post-harvest. This has not only made their lives easier but also improved their bottom line.


SH's approach to durian farming in Malaysia exemplifies the transformative potential of IoT in agriculture. By focusing on data analysis and choosing the right technology, they are helping to create a more sustainable and productive future for farming in Malaysia. This is a clear demonstration of why IoT is challenging – it requires smart people, a deep understanding of the vertical, and the right technology. But when these elements come together, the results can be truly revolutionary.

Han Wei will have a speech at the event where you can learn more about SH's approach. Don't miss this opportunity to witness the company's groundbreaking speech firsthand and discover how it can revolutionize farming practices in Malaysia.

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