SmartSense Pro: Revolutionizing Leak Detection and Environmental Monitoring with Amazon Sidewalk


Imagine this: You're on vacation, enjoying some much-needed relaxation. Meanwhile, back at home, a pipe bursts without your knowledge, and water starts to flood your living spaces. By the time you get back, the damage is severe, resulting in expensive repairs and loss of irreplaceable items.

No one wants to experience this, which is why leak detection is so important for homes and businesses alike—introducing SmartSense Pro by SenoSpace, a revolutionary tool in leak detection and environmental monitoring.

Why Leak Monitoring Matters

Leaks, usually unnoticed until substantial damage has occurred, can wreak havoc on property and assets. They can also create dangerous conditions, particularly in industrial environments. Early detection is crucial to avoid these problems, and this is where SmartSense Pro steps in.

Meet SmartSense Pro

SmartSense Pro, developed in partnership with RAKwireless, is an advanced IoT solution that uses the Amazon Sidewalk network for comprehensive leak detection and environmental monitoring. It's more than just a leak sensor; it's a multi-functional device that can monitor environmental conditions, track devices, and even oversee entry and exit points.

Key Features of SmartSense Pro

  • Versatile Monitoring: Not just for detecting leaks, it provides environmental reports, door/window updates, and instant alerts.
  • Expanded Functionality: A headphone jack-based IO port offers extra features.
  • Long-Range Connectivity: Utilizing Amazon Sidewalk, it ensures reliable, long-range communication, crucial for extensive premises.

The Need for Connectivity and Range

Leak detection systems need to be consistently connected and capable of covering large areas, especially in commercial or industrial settings. Traditional Wi-Fi systems often fall short in range and reliability. This is where Amazon Sidewalk excels, providing the broad coverage and dependable connectivity that SmartSense Pro requires.

SmartSense Pro and Amazon Sidewalk: An Ideal Pairing

By connecting with Amazon Sidewalk, SmartSense Pro guarantees quick detection of leaks and environmental shifts, no matter the location. This connection allows users to get alerts and monitor their areas remotely with ease, offering comfort and swift action.

Beyond Sidewalk: SmartSense Pro's Flexibility

Besides Amazon Sidewalk, SmartSense Pro is also compatible with LoRaWAN®, adding versatility for different installation requirements and applications. The SenoSpace Framework boosts its functionality, supplying a unique wireless protocol and software platform for thorough monitoring and management.


SenoSpace's SmartSense Pro, with its integration into Amazon Sidewalk and compatibility with various wireless protocols, marks a notable advancement in leak detection and environmental monitoring technology. Whether for a small apartment or a large corporate complex, SmartSense Pro provides a dependable, scalable solution to safeguard your assets and environment.