An Eventful First Month of 2024 for RAKwireless

Happy New Year to our wonderful community of innovators and developers!

As we wave goodbye to January, we wanted to share some of the exciting updates and enhancements we've made at RAKwireless. From new product launches to major firmware upgrades, it's been an eventful month that sets a fantastic pace for the rest of the year.

Introducing RAK2270 Developer Variants

We're starting the year strong with two new additions to our lineup: the RAK2270-Generic and RAK2270-Developer variants.

Whether you need a generic version for custom LoRaWAN® solutions or a developer variant designed for R&D and deployment, we've got you covered. The latter even comes with options for a PCB clip, ensuring effortless programming and testing.

 Amazon Sidewalk: Greater Coverage Than Ever!

For those looking to explore Amazon Sidewalk projects, did you know that Sidewalk now blankets over 90% of the U.S. population?

With such extensive coverage, your IoT projects have the potential to reach further than ever before.

Get a grasp on Amazon Sidewalk.

Software Updates: WisDM, RUI3, and WisGateOS

Our software stack has received some significant updates this month:

  • WisDM Version 1.6.1 improves gateway management capabilities, including ChirpStack V4 MQTT Bridge Support and UI refinements.
  • RUI3 Version 4.0.1 brings optimized memory usage and a flexible selection between LoRa modes.
  • WisGateOS 2 v2.2.1 delivers key updates like WisDM Agent v1.2.5 allowing for easier gateway additions in Basics Station mode without erasing individual keys. Another update under this is the Support Client ID for MQTT integration when the gateway is in Built-in NS mode.

RAK3172 Gets a Memory Boost

The RAK3172 module is now better than ever, with firmware optimizations freeing up space for your custom development.

Thanks to the new RUI3 v4.1.0, enjoy the flexibility of enabling/disabling specific LoRa modes and regions to save even more memory.

LoRaWAN® Range Testing: RAK7201 and RAK7201V2 Excel

In an urban office setting, both RAK7201 and RAK7201V2 WisNode Buttons were put to the test, and the results were impressive.

RAK7201V2, in particular, stood out with its robust signal strength and reliable connectivity, thanks to its custom antenna design.

It's proof positive that RAKwireless is pushing the envelope in smart building solutions.

Your Opinion Matters: Product Feature Survey for RAK7268V2

When considering indoor LoRaWAN® applications, do you require a product that includes the capability to switch between internal and external antennas? We're looking for feedback on specific hardware features.

Help us tailor our products to your needs by sharing your preferences in our latest survey.

Contact us to participate.

RAK Hits New Milestones and Showcases at CES

From achieving RCM certification for RAK11720 to showcasing our innovative RAK Sensor Hub at CES, we've had a lively month!

Plus, our customer SenoSpace displayed a Sidewalk-enabled sensor featuring RAK4630—tech innovation at its finest.

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As always, we're eager to see the amazing things you do with our products. Keep sharing your RAKwireless experiences.