New Developments on Irrigation Optimization in Arid Regions with WiseConn's Advanced Technology

In California's dry areas, farmers have struggled to keep crops healthy and save water. WiseConn, a leader in precision agriculture, partnered with RAKwireless to revolutionize old irrigation methods with new technology.

WiseConn's Expertise and Solutions

WiseConn brings over 18 years of specialized experience in automation and control to support sustainable irrigation practices. With more than 20,000 nodes installed worldwide, WiseConn has established itself as a trusted name in precision irrigation solutions.

How WiseConn Solution Works

Wireless Network

WiseConn utilizes a wireless network to keep a close eye on a farm. This system includes sensors and actuators placed across the field, monitoring vital aspects like weather, soil moisture, and past irrigation activities.


These nodes are the workhorses, gathering data from sensors and actuators. The nodes ensure smooth communication, relaying crucial information back to a central point for analysis.


Acting as a bridge, the gateway connects the farm’s wireless network with the internet. It guarantees that data flow is both reliable and secure, from the field to your fingertips.

Mobile App

Accessibility is key with WiseConn. Through both web and mobile applications, you gain insights into your irrigation system. This accessibility allows you to make informed decisions any time, anywhere.

WiseConn's Unique Offerings

WiseConn’s software and hardware offer unparalleled control over agricultural processes in the field. Thanks to WiseConn’s patented DropControl protocol and unique hydraulic logic, users benefit from robust on-site distributed control. This ensures reliable management of irrigation and agricultural tasks, simplifying complex processes with innovative technology.

The Challenge

California's vast agricultural fields pose a significant challenge to reliable signal transmission for autonomous equipment. To address this issue, WiseConn aimed to adopt a low-power, long-range communication technology with affordability in mind to ensure widespread adoption by farmers. This technology will represent a major advancement in autonomous systems, providing robust connections across large distances, which is crucial for linking widely dispersed irrigation equipment.

The Solution

The breakthrough came with the adoption of the RAK11720 module. It merges the long-range capabilities of LoRaWAN® powered by Semtech SX1262 LoRa transceiver with Ambiq Apollo3 Blue MCU (AMA3B1KK-KBR-B0) low-power BLE feature.

This module was key in connecting nodes and ensuring seamless communication over large distances. 


WiseConn is currently testing the first units across various regions where they operate, validating their performance with different landscapes, crops, and the unique local challenges present in each area. This network similar to previous WiseConn equipment, will allow instant tracking and study of soil moisture, weather, and past irrigation data, giving farmers useful information to use water more efficiently.

Adding Bluetooth to the RAK11720 module can simplify its setup, making it easier for farmers to use and manage the system. This user-friendly approach, along with the module's strong performance, is aimed to increase its popularity within the farming community and is an enhancement to further benefit its users.

Looking to the future

The implementation of WiseConn's technology, powered by the RAK11720, works toward remarkable results:

  • Water Conservation: Farmers can experience a notable reduction in water usage due to the precision irrigation practices enabled by the system. This saved money and also helped protect the environment.
  • Increased Crop Yields: Watering crops exactly when and where needed led to healthier plants and more produce. This better way of watering helped farmers save money and was good for eco-friendly farming.
  • Scalability and Future-Proofing: The system is designed to grow and adapt to new technologies and standards, enhancing precision agriculture both locally and globally.

Final Thoughts

The partnership between WiseConn and RAKwireless, using the RAK11720 module, is creating a new benchmark in precision farming. The focus is on the important issue of water management in dry areas, improving how irrigation is done and leading to more sustainable farming methods.

This collaboration demonstrates how new solutions can assist farmers in tackling present problems and achieving more sustainable and efficient agriculture.

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