Monthly Digest: Our 10th Anniversary, Special Offers, WisDM Tutorial Series, and Product Updates

As we enter July, we are marking a significant milestone—RAKwireless 10th Anniversary. Over the past decade, we've focused on learning, exploring, envisioning, and executing, with one key principle: listening.

This belief has shaped our path, and we invite you to learn more about our progress in our special anniversary blog

Explore our WisDM tutorial video series, created to quickly enhance your understanding of this tool.

Quick Start with WisDM: Tutorial Video Series

Explore our WisDM tutorial video series, created to quickly enhance your understanding of this tool. In our first episode, we cover essential steps to help you effectively manage your IoT networks. Here's what you'll learn:

  • Signing In: Get started by logging into WisDM with your RAK ID
  • Creating an Organization: Set up your organizational structure by naming it and adjusting the subdomain as needed.
  • Subscription Choices: Select the subscription that best meets your needs.
  • Adding Your First IoT Network: Create and name your new location, set up your LoRaWAN® network immediately, or opt to configure it later.
  • Adding a New Gateway: Learn how to manually input a gateway using its serial number and EUI, or upload a list for bulk addition.
  • Inspecting Gateway Details: Check the gateway's location, review basic characteristics, and statuses, and configure network interfaces for optimal performance.

This series is suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals looking to improve their use of WisDM functionalities.

Product Updates and Certifications

  • RAK5010 with Golioth and Zephyr: Discover how our community leverages the RAK5010 Cellular Board with Golioth and Zephyr, enhancing compatibility and functionality. Read blog
  • WisGateOS v2.2.6: This latest update enhances performance with a WAN failover optimization and resolves several issues, including GPS parsing errors and MQTT password support. It also improves gateway functionality and connectivity reliability. Check release notes
  • WisDM v1.6.2.1: Explore the latest in WisDM enhancements, including discounted subscription prices and improved whitelist management. Check release notes
  • Product Certifications:
    • The STM32WLE5 Module for LoRaWAN (RAK3172) is now LoRaWAN-certified, ensuring it meets industry standards for interoperability, security, and reliable performance in LoRaWAN networks. View certification
    • Our WisGate Edge Pro (RAK7289CV2) has also been NBTC-certified, complying with regulatory requirements for quality, safety, and performance in Thailand's telecommunications and broadcasting sectors. View certification

Expanding Options for Your IoT Projects with Mioty Alliance

We're excited to announce our partnership with the Mioty alliance, broadening your options with leading Private Network technologies for your IoT projects. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to expand our offerings and strengthen our leadership in LPWAN solutions.

Celebrating a Decade of Success

As we mark our 10th anniversary, we’ve introduced several updates to our store collection. This milestone is about reflecting on our journey, as well as enhancing your experience with our latest products.

Take advantage of our special anniversary promotions and explore our updated collection to see how these innovations can support your IoT projects.

Announcing the WisGate Soho Pro RAK7267 with Special Pre-Order Pricing!

Introducing the WisGate Soho Pro RAK7267, our versatile 8-channel LoRaWAN gateway designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. Perfect for smart agriculture, smart cities, and industrial IoT, it offers robust connectivity and easy installation.

Pre-order now at an introductory price of $199 (regular price $239) and elevate your IoT projects! Discounted price is only until July 16.

Join the Meshtastic Contest and Win Exciting Prizes!

Celebrate RAKwireless' 10th anniversary with our Meshtastic Contest! Showcase your creativity in the LoRa Mesh Innovation Challenge or share your mesh network setup in the Proof of Mesh Contest.

Top entries win exciting prizes like the WisMesh Pocket. Contest runs from July 1-12, 2024.

Stay tuned for more updates!