Monthly Digest: New LoRaWAN® Solutions, Antenna Design Services, Certifications, A Special Discount, and More!

April is here, and so is our latest round of updates! We're excited to share developments on new products, services, and special offers designed to enhance your projects. Read on to find out RAK developments from last month.

QingPing Temperature & Humidity Monitor

Explore Cutting-Edge LoRaWAN Sensors in Our Solution Marketplace

Browse our curated selection of LoRaWAN sensors for environmental and ESG applications:

  1. QingPing Temperature & Humidity Monitor
  2. QingPing CO2 Plus Temperature & Humidity Monitor

These devices proudly bear the "RAK Certified Antenna" badge—guaranteeing their exceptional performance in terms of power efficiency, coverage, and dependability.

Introducing RAKwireless Antenna Design Service

Introducing RAKwireless Antenna Design Service

Many engineers focus heavily on firmware for stability and power consumption, often overlooking the critical role of antenna design. Our new Antenna Design Service addresses this gap, enhancing device performance and range.

We demonstrated this by helping a water meter achieve over 10km transmission in a city.

Simplify Water Management with IoT Sensor Hub

Simplify Your Sensor Integration with Our Sensor Hub Collection

Having trouble integrating third-party sensors smoothly into your IoT projects? Our Sensor Hub offers a solution!

Through the OneWire protocol, our Sensor Hub simplifies the process, facilitating the connection of various sensors for tasks like environmental monitoring, movement detection, and soil monitoring. Simplify your sensor integration process and enhance your IoT solutions using the Sensor Hub.

RUI3 Goes Open Source

RUI3 Goes Open Source

RUI3 is now open source, offering developers more freedom and flexibility. From streamlining command structures to optimizing UART timeouts—the possibilities are endless.

Get insights on the benefits of open-source RUI3 from a developer’s perspective.

Now that RUI3 is open source, you can tailor our tech to fit your project needs. Get 10% OFF on our limited-supply RUI3-compatible devices.

WisDM v1.6.2: Enhanced Network Management

WisDM's latest update, v1.6.2, brings new features like Bulk Synchronization of Gateway System Settings and Packet Filtering for Locations in Packet Forwarder mode. These upgrades streamline network management and improve security.

Certification: RAK2270 (IC, CE, FCC)

Certification: RAK2270 (IC, CE, FCC)

The RAK2270 RAK Sticker Tracker now has IC, CE, and FCC marks. These marks mean our Sticker Tracker meets important world standards for safety and how well it works. It's made to be trusted and used anywhere.

The RAK Sticker Tracker is the perfect solution for staying connected to what matters most to you.

WisBlock Meshtastic Starter Kit

Watch Tech Minds' YouTube video + Win a FREE WisBlock Meshtastic Starter Kit

Tech Minds released a YouTube video showing an overview of our WisBlock Meshtastic Starter Kit. The video covers setup, optional modules that enhance your mesh network experience, and more. It also discusses the ease of firmware updates and choosing the right frequency band for your region.

Tech Minds is giving away a WisBlock Meshtastic Starter Kit! To enter, leave a comment on their video with your planned use for the kit, followed by #techminds.

RAK at Embedded World 2024

RAK at Embedded World 2024: Sneak Peek at Upcoming Products

Join us at Embedded World from April 9-11 to get an early look at our new products. We created these new offerings to simplify private network deployment and address high-density scenarios.

Our product experts will be present at the event. Schedule a meeting with them:

Follow us on social media to get fresh news about the event and be the first to know about our new solutions.

Stay tuned for more updates, and don't forget to share your RAKwireless experiences with us.