RAKwireless Works Hand In Hand With Alliot Technologies

Pioneer of IoT solutions, RAKwireless partners Alliot Technologies as Gold-Level Value-Added Reseller

RAKwireless is delighted to announce Alliot Technologies as its Gold-Level Value Added Reseller (VAR). Through this collaboration, RAKwireless and Alliot begin a new journey towards ensuring reliable LoRaWAN® IoT solutions throughout the UK and Europe.

“Having been alerted to RAKwireless by some of our existing customers, it’s always a great sign of quality products. With their range of devices covering industrial use, building management and low-cost gateways, we are now able to cover even more vertical markets than ever before.” Stated by Paul Hayes, Alliot’s Technical Director. Hearing this from Paul, motivates RAKwireless to guarantee a service that never falters, but one that improves continuously.

Ken Yu, CEO of RAKwireless, replies to this by saying that diversity is given utmost importance at RAK. “We collaborate with different partners and we invest time to talk to our partners to understand their unique requirements and help them realize the business models they need. Our partnership with Alliot strengthens our ideal of working together with partners, no matter how big or small, to accelerate IoT industry progress.” Through this, RAKwireless focuses its efforts on moving ahead together with Alliot Technologies and every partner from around the globe. This is a nod to the vision of making IoT easy for everyone, everywhere.






ABOUT Alliot Technologies:

Alliot Technologies is Europe’s leading distributor of IoT products. Specialising in LoRaWAN, Alliot provides easy access to the best in class hardware, services and support to customers throughout the UK and Europe. Alliot’s vision is to simplify the set-up and ongoing management of IoT devices by providing solutions ready to be interfaced with the users’ selected IT structure through device provisioning services and support from an expert technical team.

Alliot makes IoT accessible to all, helping partners to develop their solutions from proof of concept to fully scalable commercial solutions, enabling them to take the specific piece they need to bring their projects to life.

For more information, contact Alliot Technologies at [email protected] or visit https://alliot.co.uk/

ABOUT RAKwireless:

RAKwireless is changing the IoT landscape by eliminating design complexity and accelerating time-to-market for underserved and emerging markets, including open-source and industrial communities. RAK wants to create easy-to-deploy solutions and modular IoT products. RAK is working to grow a community of system integrators, developers, and IoT solution providers, who are passionate about taking IoT solutions further than ever before. For more information, visit www.RAKwireless.com.

Twitter: @RAKwireless | YouTube:RAK YouTube Channel

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