Join the Meshtastic™ Contest to Win Exciting RAK 10th Anniversary Prizes

RAKwireless is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and we're pleased to bring to our community a contest featuring our popular Meshtastic product with fantastic prizes. Here's how you can participate and win:

Contest Categories 

1. LoRa Mesh Innovation Challenge 

Show us your creativity! Share your innovative use of the Meshtastic Kit, demonstrating its capabilities in a specific area. We are looking for out-of-the-box ideas that showcase the unique potential of the Meshtastic technology.  

2. Proof of Mesh Contest 

Capture your mesh network in action. Participants need to share photos of their Meshtastic app, OLED display, Meshtastic Map, etc., to demonstrate their usage of the network.

How to Enter 

1. Choose a category: Decide whether you want to enter the LoRa Mesh Innovation Challenge or the Proof of Mesh Contest. 

2. Share your project: 

  • Post about your project on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. 
  • Include a photo/video of your original Meshtastic Kit setup with a description explaining what it does and why it stands out. 
  • Tag the RAKwireless social media account on your post and use the hashtags: #MeshNetworkChallenge #RAKMeshtasticKit
  • Follow RAK: Make sure to follow RAKwireless on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

Voting and Timeline 

Contest Duration: July 1 - 12, 2024. 

Community Voting: The community can vote for their favorite projects by reacting to the posts. 

Winner Selection: The top 3 entries with the most reactions will win. 


First Prize: WisMesh Pocket 
Second Prize: Meshtastic Starter Kit of choice 
Third Prize: Unify Enclosure with Solar Panel 

All prize tiers include a Meshtastic T-shirt. 

Runners-up Prizes: 

  • 25% discount code for Meshtastic Kits and Unify Enclosure 
  • One Meshtastic T-shirt 

Exclusive Perks and Discounts 

Don't miss out on exclusive perks and discounts on the Meshtastic Starter Kit and other great selections until July 12, 2024. 

For more updates and information, follow us on our social media channels: 




Join us in celebrating a decade of innovation and community. Show off your unique Meshtastic projects and stand a chance to win amazing prizes. Happy innovating!