Monthly Digest: New IoT Solutions, Highlights, and Product Updates

Welcome to the June edition of our monthly digest. We are delighted to share highlights from our global activities from last month, introduce groundbreaking product updates, and showcase unique IoT solutions developed for both consumer and industrial applications.

Let’s dive in!

The past recent weeks have been buzzing with activities as we partnered with our distributors and showcased our IoT solutions globally.


At the Global Industrie 2024, our partner distributor Syscom-Prorep exhibited some of our IoT solutions, including our gateways and the Sensor Hub.


We joined the IOT Solutions World Congress, connecting with partners and customers from Spain and discussing future IoT innovations.


The Hardware Pioneers Max 2024 event saw us team up with two of our official partner distributors Alpha Micro Components and Linkwave Technologies, alongside our product and solution partner Green Custard, to display our latest hardware through engaging live demos.

Hong Kong

We participated in ICBOM, pushing the boundaries of BACnet innovation in building technology and gearing up for our new LoRaWAN® to BACnet Gateway launch.

Meshtastic Developments

The WisBlock Meshtastic Starter Kit has been updated — now with a superior 2dBi rubber antenna for enhanced range and connectivity.

We collaborated with Rokland, our authorized distributor in the US, for a successful pre-order campaign for the WisMesh Pocket. This device is an All-in-One Meshtastic Node that simplifies connectivity with its efficient WisBlock solution.

Web3 Meets Renewable Energy

We are partnering with Srcful to bring you a device that transforms your energy management and allows you to earn rewards. The Srcful Energy Gateway allows you to connect your solar panels and batteries seamlessly, earning SRC tokens for sharing energy data.

We're pleased to share the updates that come with the latest release of our RUI3 v4.1.1 framework. Here's what you can expect:

  • LoRaWAN and LoRa P2P API calls have been separated into two different classes.
  • We implemented the default setting by 2 different user scenarios and APIs for the watchdog feature in RAK3172 and RAK11720.

WisGate Developer Base RAK7271 and RAK7371 are now ROHS and REACH compliant, ensuring our commitment to environmental standards.

Discover consumer-friendly LoRaWAN devices in the RAK Real IoT Solution Marketplace, a rarity in a market traditionally dominated by industrial designs.

Check out the QingPing CO2 and Temperature Sensor, starting from $49, offering a home-style design that seamlessly blends into your living space.

For tips on configuration, read the article written by one of our users, Claus Kühnel. Claus provides a simple payload decoder for real-time data messages.

The QingPing CO2 and Temperature Sensor is powered by RAK, ensuring a seamless and powerful experience through tested and integrated technology.

Our Real IoT Kits provide a complete solution with sensors, gateways, analysis software, and network connections. They eliminate the need to mix and match components from different suppliers.


Stay tuned for more updates, and don't forget to share your RAKwireless experiences with us.