RAKwireless and WisBlock: The Power Behind First Snow’s Innovative IoT Solutions

When First Snow Co., Ltd sought to revolutionize public safety and convenience in urban environments, they turned to RAKwireless Technology Limited and their innovativeWisBlock system.

WisBlock is a modular IoT system that allows users to assemble various parts, or “click blocks” together, to create a complete solution. Designed to be customizable and quick to build, WisBlock makes it easy to switch out individual components and design a solution that fits the customer’s exact needs and desired specifications. Integrating a low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) into an IoT solution is a simple way.

First Snow chose WisBlock as the hardware platform to build their wheelchair tracker. This decision allowed them to build the device from a modular level rather than from a chip level, saving them time and resources.

The wheelchair tracker terminal, powered by WisBlock, is a lightweight IoT terminal that can be easily installed and applied to various wheelchair manufacturers. It is equipped with built-in GPS, gyro, and accelerometer sensors, enabling it to detect driving/accident location, rollover, and collision.

Innovative IoT Solutions

In addition to WisBlock, First Snow also utilized RAKwireless’s Unify Enclosure Modular IoT. This outdoor enclosure is designed to be used with RAK’s WisBlock solutions, providing secure and functional housing for base boards, modules, and batteries. It features spacious interiors and universal and swappable mounting options for more versatile use.

The collaboration between First Snow and RAKwireless demonstrates the power and versatility of WisBlock and the Unify Enclosure Modular IoT. These products have enabled First Snow to create innovative, effective solutions for public safety and convenience, and they continue to pave the way for future advancements in the field of IoT technology.

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