RAK and Qubitro: Building a strong partnership towards fortified IoT systems!

RAKwireless is excited to announce a new partnership with Qubitro as a way to make IoT both accessible to users and increase IoT’s scalability to reach all corners of the world.

Qubitro, an IoT application development platform, offers multiple protocol support, built-in security, and authentication mechanisms. RAK’s WisBlock is integrated with Qubitro’s platform, which enhances the experience by offering a good example of all the concepts used at once so users can create all kinds of projects with minimal time and effort.

RAKwireless CEO Ken Yu shares, “Qubitro is a great addition to the RAKwireless Business Partners Network. We keep expanding integration possibilities for our RAKStars, and Qubitro is playing strategically to make it easy for developers to create products powered by RAK. Qubitro’s role is vital in increasing the scalability of RAKwireless by providing users with a copy-paste-monitor experience.”

RAK and Qubitro’s partnership proves that when companies are able to work together in creating solutions that are easy to use and are of quality, we are able to produce tangible innovations made right for the market.

“The partnership between RAKwireless not only makes IoT easy but also it makes it scalable across the globe. The interplay of hardware and software makes us able to help developers to bring ideas into proof of concepts, or even production is now possible with only a few copies and pastes with various high-quality sensors and devices. We are excited to see real-life solutions for different verticals with devices from RAKwireless that are connected to Qubitro,” says Beray Bentesen, Qubitro's CEO.

Having IoT solutions scaled globally and produced rapidly results in building a future that is ready to take on and adapt to the changes up ahead. RAKwireless and Qubitro are gearing up to help in solution deployment and production, and at the same time, empowering individuals through the creation of a smarter world.

Discover more about RAK’s partnership with Qubitro below:

Discover more about RAK and Qubitro:

About RAKwireless

RAKwireless is changing the IoT landscape by eliminating design complexity and accelerating time-to-market, for underserved and emerging markets, including open-source and industrial communities. Creating easy-to-deploy solutions and modular IoT products, RAKwireless is working to grow a community of system integrators, developers, and IoT solution providers, who are passionate about taking IoT solutions further than ever before.

About Qubitro

Qubitro is a modern, brand, and model agnostic IoT platform for designing and developing IoT projects. Connecting devices can be performed via multiple protocols, while security is based on using TLS/DTLS and a built-in token authentication mechanism. Thanks to its user-friendly portal and programmable APIs, you do not have to worry about infrastructure management and scalability.