Meshtastic 2.0 – Faster, Smarter, and More Reliable.

An ecosystem combined will never be overpowered and will grow together at the hands of a group of people passionate about technology—the result of the collaboration between Meshtastic and RAKwireless.

Meshtastic is an open-source software project that boosts communication in places with limited access to cellular coverage or internet access. The project consists of a mix of software and hardware tools implementing a low-cost encrypted communicator based on radio technologies. It benefits enormously from the battery efficiency of the device and the coverage range, making it an ideal communication device for outdoor excursions like backpacking, hiking, skiing, and paragliding. Basically, any hobby where you don't have reliable communication coverage access.

Based on the mix of software and hardware tools, the project has driven the development of software solutions based on existing hardware development boards supporting radio (LoRa) and BLE communication technologies, together with GNSS receivers. The MCU architectures commonly used are based on ESP32, or nRF52840, since having Bluetooth (BLE) communication embedded allows for communication with the mobile application. Thus, only the LoRa transceivers are needed to retransmit the messages within the mesh network, fulfilling the main requirements for developing a communicator based on Meshtastic.

In the interest of clarity, let's first understand Meshtastic's technical architecture. Upon sending a message in the Meshtastic application, the message is transmitted to the radio device via BLE. Once the data is received by the first radio that establishes the communication, it is transmitted up to seven times during an interval to create redundancy for lost packets. And when the receiving radio captures the packet, it will check if the message has already been received. If it has, it will ignore the message. Otherwise, it will keep transmitting within the determined interval.

When looking for modules supporting the required architecture, the WisBlock open-source platform powered by RAKwireless becomes an ideal tool for developing communicators in a flexible way with different features.

  • Flexible in size due to the Wisblock Base Board. By using the RAK19007, you can develop 30 x 60 mm communicators, and with the RAK19003, 30 x 30 mm communicators.
  • Flexible in MCU architecture due to the WisBlock Core. Using the RAK4631, you can develop communicators based on the nRF52840 and the RAK11200 based on the ESP32.
  • In using the WisBlock ecosystem as the base technology, you have the advantage of interfacing different additional modules, which have +100 modules, to expand the communicator configurations as needed. Here are some examples:
  • No soldering or wiring of extra components or additional circuitry is required to add a battery and solar panel to fully autonomously power your communicator.

Important note: In the case of using the ESP32-based architecture, you must keep in mind that the LoRa transceiver must be added. Nevertheless, you can easily do it by adding the RAK13300 and making use of the RAK19007 base.

Meshtastic and the WisBlock ecosystem are driving a hardware base where your imagination sets the limitations. A fully open-source project both at the software and hardware level where you can contribute regularly and have detailed documentation and examples to get started quickly, as well as community spaces to connect, solve doubts, and share your project progress.

Meshtastic 2.0

Like any open-source project with brilliant contributors, improvements are recurrently proposed to boost the adoption of the project. Thanks to this, the new version of Meshtastic is now available. A repowered version with new features and an improved user experience across its various supported clients.

  • A new re-engineered routing algorithm prioritizes distance first, thus granting a much larger range of coverage and higher signal integrity, enhancing usability entirely from a bottom-up user experience perspective and resulting in performance improvements across the board.

New module configuration options at the firmware level to expand the functionality of the mesh network or device. Among them:

The Meshtastic team has prepared a few community activities during the launch month, November, and you can't miss the opportunity to be part of them. It's the perfect time to learn and hack while having the chance to send implementation proposals and win hardware prizes for your next projects. So, join their Discord server and forum to stay tuned to all participation details.

Hands-on with RAKstars next to the Meshtastic team

There are many more things to share about this exciting collaboration, as well as about the private network's implementation and usage. Therefore, next week, on November 18, a Hands-on with RAKstars session together with the Meshtastic team will be held to find out more in-depth about the initiative, its beginnings, progress, what is to come, and, how to get started in this project, while contributing to it at the same time.

Keep an eye on RAKwirelss channels for more about this exciting session and the progress of the MeshtasticV2 launch month.

Technical guides to get started and additional resources

In the meantime, to start developing your own private network, consider taking a closer look at the following resources: Happy hacking!

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Meshtastic is an off-grid, encrypted communication platform running open-source software on radios. A project is maintained by generous volunteers who donate their personal time to write and maintain the codebase available on GitHub. The project also takes donations! Thank them and treat them to a cup of coffee, they will surely enjoy it.

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Introduction | Meshtastic
Meshtastic® is a project that enables you to use inexpensive LoRa radios as a long range off-grid communication platform in areas without existing or reliable communications infrastructure. This project is 100% community driven and open source!