#IoT & Web3 Innovations

San José is America's First Helium-Partnered Smart City

RAK analyzed different aspects of smart cities including one article in which some of the most innovative international destinations were highlighted. In late 2021, the city of San José, California became the first locale to enter into a public-private partnership with Helium Inc.

Why Did Helium, Inc Change Its Name?

At the end of March, Amir Haleem, the CEO of Helium, Inc, announced that his corporation would be renamed Nova Labs. This news was paired with the disclosure of a Series D equity round where the company raised $200M.

What is Helium Network Gaming?

The Helium network is a massive decentralized LoRaWAN® network that compensates those who host physical hotspots by rewarding them with Helium tokens, or $HNT. This system is known as Proof-of-Coverage (PoC).

What Does the 3G Sunset Mean for Helium?

Over the last few months, there have been a lot of articles about the “end” of 3G. The shutdown, the sunset, the point at which certain devices are rendered inoperable, or, what Wired terms the “3G-pocalypse.”

What is Helium Roaming?

“Roaming” is one of those dirty words that appeared in its modern form at some point in the mid-2000s. Though many consumers would struggle to give a coherent definition, cell phone roaming is a subject that most instinctively run away from.