Bernd Giesecke

Bernd is a Product Manager at RAKwireless. An electrical engineer he has 23 years experience in industrial automotive HW and SW R&D. He has been supporting the Arduino open source community since 2014

Bianca Salaveria

Bianca is a Copywriter for RAK. She majored in Marketing and Communications and is passionate about helping others through writing. She also believes that technology is our ticket to a better future.

Daniel K. Yordanov

Seasoned IT professional, interested in cutting edge IoT technologies, innovative educational approaches, marketing trends, animal welfare, music and comedy.

Denitsa Prodanova

Denitsa is a Technical Graphics and Documentation Editor at RAKwireless. She is passionate about the arts and believes technology and art go hand in hand.


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Johan Sebastian Macias

Johan is a Developer Advocate at RAKwireless. He's always learning something new to help to solve problems wherever they could be.

Karanbir Singh

Karan is the SEO Manager for RAKwireless. He likes finding ways to optimize different aspects of his life, which lead to his passion in SEO, Tech, and Digital Marketing.

Karo Ladino

Karo is a hardware hacker with a background in robotics engineering. She is passionate about education in technology, art and hardware, IoT solutions, and supporting women's communities.

Ken Yu

Ken is the Founder and CEO of RAKwireless. He enjoys making IoT things with the RAK team.

Kim V.

Kim is a freelance writer and editor from the Philippines.

Maria Hernandez

Maria is the Developer Relations Lead at RAKwireless. As an IoT developer, she focuses on System integration & Hardware, and loves advocating for IoT technology.


RAK is a pioneer in providing innovative and diverse cellular and LoRa® connectivity solutions for IoT edge devices.

Ruod Ariete

Ruod is a Content Writer and Copywriter at RAKwireless. A Psychology major, they are passionate about our shared human experiences and technology's role in forging stronger bonds among people.

Tim O'Hearn

A software engineer who has spent the last 5 years working in high-frequency trading. He built an audience with his "52 Books per Year" project from 2016-2020 before focusing on his own variety blog.

Todor Velev

Experienced Technical Marketing and Support Specialist. Skilled in providing solutions as an FAE, troubleshooting, and resolving customer issues. Passionate about cutting-edge technology, AI, big data

Vladislav Yordanov

Vladislav is the CCO of RAKwireless and the Co-founder and CEO of IoT4 Green. He believes technology can be the solution to most issues humankind is facing.

Xose Pérez

Xose is Product Owner at RAKwireless and IoT enthusiast, developer and maker. His dream is providing tools and knowledge to people and empower them to solve real life problems using technology.