WisBlock Autumn Launch

This Autumn Launch 2022, we are launching a mix of sensors and industrial interfaces. As we see the demand of the market, we extend our air quality sensors with two new sensors that will help to build a complete indoor air quality device.

Get started with RUI3 API

This article aims to show you the basics to start creating your custom firmware with RUI3 API. We have already the API documentation available in our Documentation Center and example code can be found in the RUI3 BSP and in our Github repo.

WisBlock New Year 2022 launch

With the start of the new year, we have exciting WisBlock news for you. This time we are not only launching new modules, but new RAK Developer Kits as well, which combine a WisBlock Kit with a RAK Developer Gateway, everything you need to start exploring the LoRaWAN® world.

Connecting the RPi RP2040 to the Internet of Things made easy

Ever since the IoT MCU RP2040 was announced by Raspberry, excitement was high. Finally, the first Pico breakout boards with the RP2040 MCU arrived and of course the first thing we did at RAK was to connect it to a LoRa® transceiver and add long range communication capabilities to the Pico.

Inside WisBlock Week

Get the latest insider scoop on the 14 newly launched WisBlock modules with our 3-part blog series giving you extensive info, ideal use cases, and more!