Secure and Flexible: Whitelisting in IoT Networks

Explore how advanced whitelisting in LoRaWAN® networks enhances security and operational efficiency. Learn about our innovative approach that extends whitelisting from Basic Station to Packet Forwarder mode, providing robust protection for your IoT infrastructure.

Connectivity, Done Right with RAKwireless

Connectivity is what brings us together and what helps us understand the tangled world around us. This is something that happens in the background of life, a constant process that makes the world tick.

Listen Before Talk – The Key to Good LoRaWAN® Communication

The Listen Before Talk #LBT feature is available in all our WisGate Edge version 2 gateways thanks to the amazing capabilities of WisGateOS 2 and the available extension. Don’t miss out on a great market opportunity in South Korea and Japan and minimize data loss with LBT.

Signal Mapping in a Building: A LoRaWAN Experiment

Is your own building fighting your IoT solution?🥊 It could be if you haven’t signal-mapped before installation. Read here for pointers on optimizing the LoRaWAN signals in your building, and a useful real-life case study to show how it works in action. Knowledge is power.

Some Q&A About our Bobcat Enclosure

As The People’s Network grows more and more, Helium miners are deployed every day. Even though not all of them are RAK Hotspot Miners we, as a believer in Helium’s work, try our best to boost this growth.

IoT: Making Dogs More Than Just Man’s Best Friend

Humans are social beings, we need our close circle of family and friends. But it is not always possible to have someone around us, especially in strange times like now, with the Covid-19 situation, where social distancing is key.

Accelerating A Connected World The New RAK Way

RAKwireless is continuing towards creating a connected world, enabling easy deployment of IoT devices to deal with the different day-to-day problems faced by the various industries, all done by following the RAK Way.

The wait is over! The new WisGate Developer D4H is here.

A LoRaWAN® Gateway consisting of Raspberry Pi 4, RAK2287 Concentrator, and RAK2287 Pi HAT, the WisGate Developer D4H includes a GPS module (built-in to the RAK2287) and a heat sink for better performance, all housed in a durable and compact casing.

Some Q&A for our Built-in Network Server

We are proud of the Built-In Network Server in our Commercial Gateways and it seems that you, our customers, are quite interested in it as well. In time we received a lot of questions about it.

The Future of Public Transport

A brief take on all aspects of a public transit network and how IoT helps the development monitoring and maintenance of it all be easier and more beneficial.