WisDM is for everyone Manage your WisGate Edge gateways like a pro

Earlier this year, at RAK’s very first big event – The Big Tech Bloom, our Spring Launch, we announced one very exciting new thing: WisDM. RAKwireless’ own device management platform was the star of the show!

Maybe some of you were disappointed to learn that despite the big reveal, WisDM was only in Beta Testing stage at that point. It is understandable, but we had a good reason, even two!

  • We were excited and wanted to share that excitement with you guys! WisDM is a big project that took (and continues taking) a large amount of work. This is why, as soon as we got it up and running, we wanted to share this success with our RAKstars! What better stage for our first project of this kind to beee introduced than our first event?

  • We got to gather beta testers from the community. Real people, as excited as us, were the perfect candidates for beta testers and we took the opportunity to gather them.

Beta testing is an important part of realizing any project of this scale. It is the tool that allows our team to make a product or a service truly compliant with our clients’ needs. Debugging is not possible without tests and no one wants service with bugs.

At the Spring Launch, we teased with the tagline “Managing over the air”. We are now happy to announce that the wait is over! WisDM is accessible for anyone with a gateway from our WisGate Edge series. In just a few months, we were able to achieve the goal and to launch this service. And where better to share the news with the communitn than the Autumn Launch?

All you’ve been waiting for is now accessible. We are taking monitoring and management to a new level and are giving you the option to do it for all your WisGate Edge gateways from a single point. WisDM brings you all the needed functionality! We’re talking:

  • OTA - Over the air update – Not only can you configure and monitor your gateways remotely, but you can also update the firmware remotely to guarantee stable operation of your LoRaWAN® network.
  • SSH (Secure SHell) terminal you can enter for each device – You can easily access the command line interface of any of your gateways,
  • The ability to configure multiple gateways at one go – With Location management, you can change the settings of all gateways in the Location with just one click.
  • Allows configuration of the gateway before the gateway itself is connected to the internet/deployed in the field – Pre-provisioning of your gateways will bring the opportunity for your network to be up and running at the moment of deployment.
  • Login with RAK ID – Single log in credentials for all RAKwireless services.
  • No need for a VPN connection – With the WisDM, you do not need to set up hard-to-deploy-and-manage VPN servers. WisDM client is available on any WisGate Edge gateway running WisGateOS.
  • Role management system – Controlling everything from one place may be good but done by a single person may overload him with work. That is why there is a role management system for the management staff to share the burden.
  • Packet logger – See and follow all your packets and have all the insight you need.
  • Built-in Network Server - Remote configuration and management of the Built-In Network Server.
  • Responsive design - Compatible with mobile devices as well as desktops.
  • Network configuration – Easily manage the internet connectivity interfaces and the MultiWAN functionality.
  • Gateway performance monitoring – Stay informed about everything regarding your gateways’ performance.

All this is stuffed in a cloud-based device management platform made exactly for you.

What does it cost?

As WisDM is now going officially live, this question’s answer is the most anticipated.

We are happy to announce that it is free! Within limits of course.
Every user with a WisGate Edge gateway can enjoy the perks of over-the-air management with no additional cost to the device. If you are not sure if WisDM is the platform for you, just try it for yourself. With its user-friendly and intuitive design, as well as its great set of features, it will surely become your favorite management tool.

We put together different tiers for this service as everything needs to have realistic proportions for it to work properly. We made sure that it is accessible for everyone with price and packets filled with functionality!

In all actuality, the only difference is the scale of things. We are providing the same service to our smaller client as to our biggest one, with the same care and consideration.


Where to find WisDM?

We understand this is a huge deal and first-time users can be overwhelmed by it. For them, and for our beta testers that continue to help us improve, we are dedicating a part of our support resources. Find out everything about WisDM with the help of our support team!

Everything is in your hands now! We make sure that you have all the tools to build your LoRaWAN network easily. It is up to you – every enthusiast and the community as a whole – our RAKstars, to reach new heights and push forward to a better, more manageable life.