Some Q&A About our Bobcat Enclosure

As The People’s Network grows more and more, Helium miners are deployed every day. Even though not all of them are RAK Hotspot Miners we, as a believer in Helium’s work, try our best to boost this growth.

This is why we continue releasing new accessories, to help you construct the ultimate setup and achieve better coverage and earnings. One of those accessories is the RAKBox-GW-4B also known as Bobcat Outdoor Enclosure Kit and it has become pretty popular.

With the popularity, however, come confusion and questions from the not-so-technical part of the community. So, we decided to do this small FAQ article with the hope to clear some stuff for you.

Q. What is the operating temperature of the enclosure?

A. It is from 0 °C up to 40 °C ambient (with no direct sunlight). Anything below or over this temperature may result in damaging your miner.

Q. What are the dimensions of the enclosure?

A. The measurements listed here are for the enclosure only.

Internal: 180 x 180 x 80 mm
External: 240 x 240 x 95 mm
Weight: Approximately 3 kg

Q. Is a fiberglass antenna suitable for the enclosure?

A. Yes, as a matter of fact, you need one. The stock antenna that comes with the Bobcat Miner 300 does not work with the enclosure as it is for indoor use. The Bobcat Outdoor Enclosure Kit has an N-type Female connector suitable for outdoor use and is compatible with all fiberglass antennas that RAK offers. For your convenience, an option to choose the antenna you want is available when purchasing the enclosure in our store.

Q. Does the antenna mount directly to the enclosure?

A. Yes, via the N-type Female connector. It is recommended to use a lightning arrestor between the antenna and enclosure, but it is not mandatory. Also, there is no need for the antenna to be mounted directly to the enclosure. A cable, like the RAK9731 Pulsar Cable, can be used to better position the antenna and achieve better coverage.

Q. Does the Wi-Fi work if this enclosure is used?

A. Yes, the miner can still connect via Wi-Fi while inside the enclosure due to the fact that the front cover is plastic making it transparent for the RF signal.

Q. Does the whole miner go inside with the plastic casing or only the circuit board?

A. The whole miner is mounted inside. There is no need to disassemble it.

Q. What is the output of the PoE Splitter?

A. The PoE splitter that is included in the kit outputs Ethernet (RJ45) and 12 V DC via a 2.1 mm barrel jack to provide power and Ethernet connectivity to the miner.

Q. Is the enclosure vented?

A. Yes. At the back, there is a hole, where a special plastic vent is positioned. The screw vent protects from particles, water, oils, and liquids while allowing pressure equalization of the enclosure.

A. The antenna to be chosen depends on the use case. All fiberglass antennas that RAK offers are compatible with the enclosure. For the most common deployments, RAK’s 5dBi fiberglass antenna will suffice.

Q. Does the Bobcat Enclosure Kit come with a mounting solution?

A. Yes, it comes with a pole mounting kit that has everything you need. However, the diameter of the pole that is supported by the brackets from the kit is 50-100 mm. If the pole diameter is more than this value, steel strips can be used. The standard mounting kit does not include steel strips. If needed, they should be purchased separately.

Q. How to make sure the enclosure is watertight?

A. To achieve ultimate weather protection for your miner, you need to put your enclosure together correctly. Follow the steps provided in the Installation Guide and make sure that you have put all the rubber seals in their places as well as putting the lid in the right position. Have in mind that any rubber seal (O-ring) is usually placed on the non-moving parts of an assembly unless specified differently.

Those were some basic questions and answers regarding the Bobcat Outdoor Enclosure Kit. For more in-depth guidance read our Installation Guide. Go through all the steps carefully to ensure a durable and secure mounting of your Bobcat Miner 300.