RUI3—An Open Source SDK Designed for IoT

RAKwireless initiated the development of RUI3, a well-designed SDK specifically for IoT scenarios. We recognized that many IoT developers prefer open-source solutions, which is why Arduino is widely used in sensor-related products.

Accelerating A Connected World The New RAK Way

RAKwireless is continuing towards creating a connected world, enabling easy deployment of IoT devices to deal with the different day-to-day problems faced by the various industries, all done by following the RAK Way.

Why IoT is The Next Big Thing

IoT is the major industrial revolution that is destined to improve not just economies, but the quality of life for billions of people through more nuanced services.

Tips on Getting Started with RAK Commercial Gateway LoRa Server

There is a Built-in LoRa Network Server in the Commercial Gateway line of device. It is perfect for both testing use case scenarios and integration with existing deployments of Nodes and Gateways. We are going to explain its key features and how to configure those.

LoRaWAN 101: All you need to know Before Getting Started

LoRa and LoRaWAN are basically two growing technology trends. Although both words are different, people mix them up a lot. Knowledge of both trends will open you to a multitude of opportunities and resources. You can learn more about them here.