23,000 Units Strong with the RAK Hotspot Miner!

RAK Hotspot Miner

RAKwireless celebrates providing 80% of Helium miners and the unprecedented demand for RAK hotspot miner, the only large volume output miner device available in the market.

In collaboration with Cal-Chip Connected Devices, a US-based IoT devices distributor and value-added service provider, RAKwireless reached a new milestone as it ramped up the production and delivery of more than 23,000 RAK hotspot miners.

Through this wonderful feat, RAKstars all over the world has proven that RAKwireless is the trusted, top-tier, and trailblazing supplier for Helium miners! We are very grateful for all those who have contributed to reaching this new milestone and we are proud that RAKwireless is contributing to widening the reach of The People’s Network to the next level.

RAKwireless’s own Jose Marcelino shares his thoughts on this achievement: “RAKwireless takes its role of being a hotspot miner provider seriously. Having shipped 23,000 RAK miner units is a significant achievement for us already and thus, we continue to support your network solutions by ensuring the quality of our hotspots.’’

“Although this year, we have experienced a global shortage in terms of components, RAKwireless was still able to continue and fulfill its provision for large outputs”. RAKwireless continues to realize its vision of making IoT easy, the reason behind this is that despite the situation being faced, there is still a way around it. Being able to connect people, even under this circumstance is a win for the company.

The RAK Hotspot Miner is a stable and tested solution that was built to fit Helium’s specifications. As the name suggests, its function is to work as a Hotspot, but also a router and miner in one. RAKwireless’s reason behind utilizing the Helium network is its open-source blockchain technology. In this way, developers can easily access and deploy their RAK Hotspot Miner.

The simplicity of the RAK Hotspot Miner and the benefits it has readily attracted new customers to give it a try. Here are just some of the features that make the RAK Hotspot Miner accessible to a broader range of people:

Large Volume Output

The RAK Hotspot Miner is the only larger output miner device available in the market.


Miners earn a cryptocurrency called Helium Tokens or HNT every time they provide a connection to the People’s Network through the RAK Hotspot Miner. When the system validates the wireless coverage, the miner earns HNT instantly! An easy way to earn a little extra while providing a connection to IoT and LoRaWAN® users. The RAK Hotspot Miner was designed appropriately to fit Helium’s specifications, which makes it the perfect hotspot to increase coverage and connect to the People’s Network.

Mining Made Easy

RAKwireless provides various accessories to help users build their network stronger and easier. They are the only supplier to provide antennas and brackets that can work with the miner.

Quick set-up

Like every RAKwireless product, installation and build can be completed within minutes. At the same time, your smartphone can help you manage your Hotspot and tokens by downloading the mobile app. It’s this ease that keeps users coming back for more RAKwireless devices!

We have reached the feat of 23,000 hotspots through the support of the RAK community and the belief in making IoT easy through the partnership with Cal-Chip Connected Devices.

RAKwireless has shipped over 23,000 Hotspots Miner!

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