IoT Projects That Can Transform Your Home Into a Smart One

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to adapt to the needs of individuals and their way of living. It is a network that focuses on industrial machines, but also everyday use equipment and environment monitoring. LoRaWAN® is one of the technologies used in IoT and is implemented into devices to make that communication wireless, easy and accessible.

In schools, students are taught that technology is made to improve the quality of life for everyone. This is exactly what IoT envisions. As it continues to evolve, developers are inspired to build solutions that solve people’s daily challenges. Technologies have become “smart,” allowing individuals to live better and easier. The best examples of IoT solutions improving our quality of life are found in the comfort of their homes. Here are some examples:

  1. Air Quality Monitoring The pandemic is at large and has caused individuals to stay at home. Considering that this is an airborne virus, now is the time to stress the importance of clean air. At the same time, one place to begin and prevent this virus from attacking is to keep the air quality in one’s own homes clean. Now, how is this attainable? With an indoor air quality sensor, like the WisBlock Kit 4 the user can monitor the air quality and temperature of their household.
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  2. Anti-Theft System As burglary cases are still alarming, so security should always be a top priority. Protecting one’s home may be difficult, however, adding another layer of security can be designed through LoRaWAN. This layer of security consists of IoT devices such as motion sensors, cameras, and alarm systems that are connected to each other. It is managed by LoRaWAN, which connects these devices to send notifications when suspicious activity is detected and with the right app even provides live feedback to the user’s mobile phone.

    Create your own security system with the RAK12006 PIR module, a motion detection sensor that can detect humans and pets in the sensing range of 3-5m. Utilize this for security systems, light automation, and smart home/office projects.
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  3. Soil Moisture Sensor Nowadays, almost everyone is a plant parent, but it’s inevitable to forget to water your garden at times. Environmental sensors can be altered to measure a plant’s soil moisture and its other conditions. Configuring the sensor to have a certain trigger value that notifies the owner when their plant needs water can be completed with LoRaWAN. In addition, the sensor can measure air quality and temperature, and visualize data on any device for the user to view.

    Although smart homes can be costly, these LoRaWAN projects guarantee convenience and help solve common household problems. If you’re interested in taking up the challenge or simply want to get your hands working, try starting with the WisBlock KIT 4 — it’s a LoRaWAN Environmental sensor that can measure temperature, humidity, gas pressure, and air quality. There’s also the RAK7268 WisGate Edge Lite 2, an 8-channel indoor LoRaWAN gateway, and the RAK7289 WisGate Edge Pro, an outdoor gateway which are both ideal for various smart use cases. With devices like these, smart homes can be accessible to all of us.

Taking inspiration from these projects, it is possible to improve an individual’s way of living, and RAKwireless is here to provide you with the equipment you need to get you started. We can cater to various needs, the same way our products can create a wide range of use cases.
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