LoRaWAN and NB-IoT | 7 Things You Thought Were True

As the world is speedily getting smart, and technologies evolving day by day, it is important to observe that access to information is barely becoming a task, all thanks to the internet. The internet has become a super storage where virtually anything can be stored, accessed and assessed from any location around, thanks to Internet of Things.

If technologies have not taken up the responsibility, all the tables in different office would have been full of papers and then the post offices?! Trying to wonder how it will look?

The evolvement of internet connections has been immensely encompassing such that you can easily connect your house, your car, your office all together without getting to use a big machine.

Distance was initially the barrier, but the invention of distant barrier breakers has made it much simpler and easier to do. Since the inception of LoRaWAN, getting to engage IoT has been a thing that virtually everyone wants to do.

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Misconceptions about LoRaWAN and NB-IoT

The rising fame and acceptance of LoRaWAN is no longer news. But, the main bone of contention is the extent of misinformation that people experience daily when LoRaWAN is being discussed.

With the purpose that LoRaWAN serves, it is important to have an understanding of the things that are confusing. Here are some common misconceptions about LoRaWAN.

Misconception #1

LoRa and LoRaWAN Mix up

The most common mistakes people make about LoRaWAN are comparing, or likening it to LoRa. In the works of LoRaWAN, a lot of difference can be seen when comparing it with LoRa.

LoRa is a way of transmitting radio signals that uses a chirp with a lot of symbols to encode information. And LoRaWAN, is a point-multipoint networking protocol that helps to decode encrypted information. LoRaWAN has the ability to work over a wide range of gadgets as well as serving many other purposes.

A typical LoRa cannot travel farther than 10km. But, LoRaWAN, depending on the gateways (indoor and outdoor), message payload and antenna, can cover a long range of distance of approximately 702km, is that not enough for you to wonder and get confused. But, not to worry, it is a fact.

Misconception #2

LoRaWAN is short lived

When it comes to devices like LoRaWAN, the question that pops up is that of time of service. Contrary to the general opinion that it cannot last longer, LoRaWAN can go for days due to its battery life. To make this feasible, LoRaWAN has a characteristic ability to go into a deep sleep when it is inactive i.e. when messages and data are not being transferred. This, further ensures the longevity of its battery life.

In addition, LoRaWAN is not power consuming. As a result, there is no need for high power supply when the need to transmit messages arises. With these attributes, you can be certain that the whole fuse about LoRaWAN being short-lived is all myth.

Misconception #3

LoRaWAN is a File Sharing Device

As said earlier, the pattern of service delivery as programmed on LoRaWAN cannot allow sharing of files not to talk of images, because these are large files. Battery optimization is the sole reason that has been traced to this act by LoRaWAN. Only extremely small sized data are the only ones that can be transferred on LoRaWAN.

Misconception #4

LoRaWAN is not Secure

This must be a joke!

LoRaWAN has two different security sections; one for the network itself and the other for the application.

The network security layer ensures that the network nodes are authentic. And the application security layer helps to protect the network operator from having access to end user’s application data.

Also, low powered chirp spread spectrum is part of LORaWAN, it helps to prevent detection and interception when using the device.

Misconception #5

Paying to use LoRaWAN

At the moment, paying to have access to LoRaWAN is not a problem because there is a team of over 24,000 people spread around over 500 cities of the world that are making use of a open free network. So, getting started on the LoRaWAN is easy, and you do not have to pay a dime, all your need is your device.

Though some network providers collect some set amount of money to provide you with a dedicated network or application that will offer a wide range of coverage and storage. You can also get to set up a base station for yourself and others within your locality.

Misconception #6

Impossible to Track LoRa without GPS receptors

The most unique attribute of LoRaWAN is the ability to be tracked even without GPS. This feature helps you to be able to trace your gadgets and other important sensors.

By adopting the DTA technique, approximate location can be determined. Tracking and location of devices can be achieved when a device transmitting to three gateways as found in GPS receivers. With this an approximate position of the signal can be computed.

Misconception #7

You cannot find any device for your application

With the rate of development in the tech world, getting a device for your application is the least of your worries. There are many products, projects and development options for a wide range of applications. Available in the tech market are the Out of the Box (OTB) gateway solutions.

So far, there have been several gateway devices.

Examples include:

RAK7205 Tracker Node

LoRa Tracker Node
LoRa Tracker Node

RAK 8212 iTracker Pro

iTracker Pro
iTracker Pro

RAK 7258 Micro Gateway.

RAK Micro Gateway for Indoor use
RAK Micro Gateway for Indoor use

RAK 7249 DIY Outdoor Gateway.

Outdoor Gateway
Outdoor Gateway

All made by RAKwireless, these devices will surely satisfy your thirst for a strong IoT.


Getting the most out of anything requires you to be fully informed. Having revealed some things to you about LoRaWAN, let no one play on your ignorance.

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