RAK7258 - Components Shortage Update

Due to the world’s shortage of high-demand components, RAK7258 WisGate Edge Lite is temporarily out of stock. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. For customers looking to buy a similar device, we recommend RAK7268 WisGate Edge Lite 2, an upgrade from the RAK7258.

The RAK7268/RAK7268C WisGate Edge Lite 2/2+ runs WisGate OS and possesses the same functions and hardware platform as RAK7258. RAK7268’s enclosure is more streamlined and provides better airflow. The all-new breathing light gives a better visualization of the gateway’s status without the need to log in to the WebUI.

For more information, please find below a side-by-side look at the two models:

WisGate Edge Lite RAK7258/RAK7258C WisGate Edge Lite 2 RAK7268/RAK7268C
Core processor RAK634 based on MTK7628 RAK634 based on MTK7628
LoRa concentrator RAK2247 (SX1301) RAK2287 (SX1302)
LoRa capabilities 8 Channels RX Sensitivity: -139 dBm (Min) TX Power: 27 dBm (Max) 8 Channels RX Sensitivity: -139 dBm (Min) TX Power: 27 dBm (Max)
WiFi Client Yes Yes
WiFi AP mode Yes Yes
Ethernet Yes Yes
Cellular Optional – RAK7258C Optional – RAK7268C
Power jack Yes Yes
PoE Yes Yes
WisGate OS with WebUI Yes Yes
LoRa antenna connector RP-SMA female RP-SMA female
Included LoRa antenna 2dBi 2.3dBi
Mounting options wall Wall, DIN rail
Breathing light no Yes

We appreciate your understanding in light of these circumstances. You can find more details on the RAK7268/RAK7268C WisGate Edge Lite2/2+ below:


RAK7268 WisGate Edge Lite 2
The RAK7268 WisGate Edge Lite 2 is a full 8-channel indoor gateway, based on the LoRaWAN protocol, with built-in Ethernet connectivity for a straightforward setup. Additionally, it supports LTE uplink communication connections.
RAK7268 Quick Start Guide
Contains instructions and tutorials in installing and deploying your RAK7268. Instructions are written in a detailed and step-by-step manner for an easier experience in setting up your device.
RAK7268 WisGate Edge Lite 2 Datasheet
Covers the comprehensive information of your RAK7268 to help you in using it. This information includes technical specifications, characteristics, and requirements, and it also discusses the device components.

For any further questions or clarifications, you may contact us at [email protected].