RAKwireless and 1663™ to Expand Asset Tracking with RAK2270 Sticker Tracker Using the Helium Network

RAKwireless brings enhanced asset tracking capabilities with access to 1663’s interactive location tracking experience.

Shenzhen, China, Feb 27, 2024—RAKwireless, a pioneer in global IoT solutions, has launched a strategic partnership with 1663, the IoT division of Nova Labs, marking a significant stride in asset tracking technology.

This partnership introduces 1663’s interactive location tracking experience as the latest software integration option for the RAK2270 RAK Sticker Tracker. This collaboration enables the tracking device's seamless integration with 1663’s user-friendly data visualization platform and simplifies end-to-end asset tracking for customers worldwide.

"Our collaboration with the 1663 unit of Nova Labs to introduce a new software platform to our customers marks an important milestone," said Ken Yu, CEO of RAKwireless. "This partnership brings valuable software to our users. IoT isn't just about connectivity; it significantly involves applications and analytics.”

The RAK2270 RAK Sticker Tracker is a battery-powered tracker for LoRaWAN® with a sleek, label-like form factor. It is designed for seamless integration and real-time location tracking.

Standout features include: real-time location tracking, robust temperature monitoring, data upload synchronization, and an in-built 3-axis accelerometer. Device capabilities are compounded by the sticker tracker's expanded compatibility with multiple LoRaWAN bands, long-term battery life, and a compact design measuring 85 x 118 x 1.5 mm.

1663 facilitates data-rich insights, increasing the efficacy of asset tracking through multi-dimensional monitoring and customizable alerts, ensuring businesses optimize their tracking processes with precision and ease.

In addition to the new partnership with Nova Labs for the 1663 integration, RAKwireless is also developing new variants for RAK2270. The RAK2270 will expand its user reach by offering three distinct variants tailored to different user requirements:

  • RAK2270 - Solutions: Offers out-of-the-box deployment with preconfiguration for immediate use within the Helium Network, perfect for system integrators.
  • RAK2270 - Generic: Enables custom solution building for IoT platforms, facilitating integration into user-owned applications.
  • RAK2270 - Developer: Meets the needs of product development teams, with the option to program custom firmware, available with or without the PCB clip.

“1663 has seen high interest from enterprises looking to streamline logistics and provide tracking and tracing of goods shipped,” says Frank Mong, Chief Operating Officer of Nova Labs. “RAKwireless has been a dependable manufacturer in the LoRaWAN space for years. We are excited to partner, bringing a reliable tracking sensor to market.”

This announcement underlines RAKwireless dedication to streamlining IoT and advancing its suite of full-stack solutions for customers and partners globally. The RAK2270 RAK Sticker Tracker paired with 1663 Resolve projects a new wave of efficiency and innovation in asset management.

For more details on the RAK2270 RAK Sticker Tracker and how it integrates with 1663’s interactive location tracking experience, visit RAKwireless.

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A division of Nova Labs, 1663 is committed to enhancing IoT offerings with an emphasis on data visualization and precise asset tracking. 1663 Resolve™ stands out as a flagship solution, delivering an all-encompassing monitoring tool with rich data capabilities across diverse industries. With specialized solutions like 1663 Sentinel™ and 1663 Console™, alongside their flagship product, the company strengthens the fabric of efficient asset management and monitoring.