TPS55165-Q1 Green Power Module | RAK19004

RAK19004 is a WisBlock Power module that can harvest and convert green power such as wind power, hydroelectric power or solar power into fixed 5V output. The module uses a TPS55165-Q1 from Texas Instruments which is a DC-DC buck-boost converter. Upon startup, the module can have a stable 5V output from a varying input voltage of 2V-36V and its output current can also be as high as 1A.

New WisBlock Modules in RAK Autumn Launch

The WisBlock IoT hardware platform just keeps growing and growing. This RAK Autumn Launch event, we are introducing more WisBlock Modules which includes a new WisBlock Core based on the Raspberry Pi RP2040 chip and a new WisBlock Base board that is smaller and low power.