Which Gateways for LoRaWAN® technology suits you best?

As the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) expands and captures different markets’ needs, the technology used to connect to IoT also adapts. More and more companies, developers, engineers, and manufacturers are utilizing LoRaWAN and IoT to create a more connected and adaptive future.

One of the first steps to any IoT project or solution is finding the best Gateway for LoRaWAN solution. Each gateway has its own set of advantages for a certain set of users. Finding a gateway that suits your needs is essential in successfully implementing your IoT projects.

Criteria for Gateway designed for LoRaWAN

There are countless gateways to choose from so to help you on your track of finding the best gateway, RAKwireless has compiled a list of gateways and the users/industries they are built for. Below are some of the factors considered for each of the gateways that are highlighted:

  1. Gateway Placement:
  2. Where the gateway will be placed is one of the first determinants of which kind of gateway to get. Some gateways are built for harsh weather conditions or changing temperatures which make them the perfect candidate for outdoor LoRaWAN. Other gateways are made compact and easy to install inside a room or an office, making them appropriate to use for indoor LoRaWAN. Identify the use of your gateway and where you plan to place it for you to have a better and long-lasting experience.

    Our RAK7249 is the best DIY Outdoor Gateway, RAK7268 is the best gateway for indoor use, and RAK7240 is the best Industrial Gateway for LoRaWAN.

  3. Scope and Pace of Deployment:
  4. Another consideration would be deployment. The scope and pace of deployment would give you a good idea of the kind of gateway suitable for you. Commercial deployment may need a gateway that is more powerful and can handle more (e.g. more testing, tracking, etc.) while a smaller scope can use a smaller, more compact gateway. Apart from the scope, the pace of deployment will also affect your choice: some gateways are quick and easy to install and use which make these a great consideration for rapid deployment. With the scope and pace of your IoT project, you are now able to narrow in on your choice for a gateway that supports LoRaWAN protocol. Best gateway for commercial deployment: RAK7249
    Best gateway for rapid deployment: RAK7258
  5. Connectivity:
  6. The connectivity that your gateway has should allow you to implement your IoT projects even in far-flung areas. Some gateways can connect to LTE, GPS, Wi-Fi, among others. Again, it’s the way that you will utilize the gateway that will determine the type/s of connectivity that you will need. If you’re installing a gateway somewhere where one connection can be faulty, it would be ideal to have back-up connectivity like LTE or GPS. Other users may want ethernet connectivity to speed up the set-up and deployment of the gateway. Depending on what you need, RAKwireless has the right gateway for you. Best gateway with LTE support for LoRaWAN technology: RAK7244
    Best gateway with ethernet connectivity: RAK7258
  7. I/O:
  8. Get to know the input and output options that you need for your IoT project! Gateways for LoRaWAN technology vary in terms of the number of I/O and the types of I/O they have. Assess what kinds of connectors and devices you will be using to know what I/O support you need. As a rule of thumb, the more I/O options, the more flexible. Best gateway with various I/O support: RAK7244
  9. Customizable:
  10. The IoT sphere is broad and diverse. While some gateway owners and users like a no-frills and ready-to-use gateway, some users prefer a gateway that offers some form of customizability. Access to internal hardware lets developers modify the gateway as they see fit. Whether you are the type to tinker with your device or have it ready from the get-go, there are countless options for you! Most customizable gateway for LoRaWAN technology: RAK7243
    Ready-out-of-the-box gateway for LoRaWAN technology: RAK7268

Gateways for LoRaWAN technology

Now that you have a better idea of your needs for your IoT project, here are some of the stellar RAKwireless gateways designed for LoRaWAN technology offers to help you with your implementation:

RAK7249 Macro Outdoor Gateway - Bundle Pro

RAK7249 RAK7249 is a suitable gateway for those looking for a gateway for outdoor LoRaWAN utilized for commercial deployment. This industrial-grade device is built for the outside and can withstand the harshest of weather conditions. Quickly mount the RAK7249 to a wall or a pipe and you’re good to go! This outdoor gateway supports LTE and has a high-gain antenna for wider network coverage.

RAK7244 Developer Gateway (Raspberry Pi 4) for indoor LoRaWAN

RAK7244 RAK7244 is built for users and developers who need a wide range of I/O options and LTE support. The compact device is meant for indoor use and features an open platform at its core with Raspberry Pi 4 making it easy to modify for your needs. The RAK7244 supports GPS and has 2 display ports for maximum efficiency.

RAK7258 Micro Gateway

RAK7258 If you’re looking for a compact, no-frills gateway for indoor LoRaWAN, you’ve found your match with RAK7258. This compact gateway is quick and easy to install and was made for rapid deployment. It also features on-board Wi-Fi which makes configuration a breeze.

Buy RAK7268 Indoor Gateway

RAK7268 RAK7268 WisGate Edge Lite 2 is an upgraded version for RAK7258. It has a built-in LoRa packet forwarder and a graphical user interface, allowing for a quick set-up without giving up the freedom of a fully customized solution.

RAK7246 Developer Gateway (Raspberry Pi Zero) for LoRaWAN technology

RAK7246 Need a gateway that you can use for rapid protoyping? RAK7246 does that and more! This low-cost open platform (Raspberry Pi Zero W) gateway is fast to set up and is encased in a transparent material making it easy to see and access its internals. The modular design allows you to modify its internals with no worries.

RAK7243 Developer Gateway (Raspberry Pi 3B+)  for LoRaWAN technology

RAK7243 If connectivity and customization is what you’re about, RAK7243 is the perfect gateway for you! This 8-channel developer gateway features a customizable core and uses an open platform. Its compact design makes it easy to work with and ideal for an indoor set-up.

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The beauty of IoT is the endless possibilities of what we can do with this technology. Equipped with the right gateway for your LoRaWAN solution, you can start your own journey into creating realities that will benefit all of us and result in a more connected world.