5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss The Big Tech Bloom: RAK’s Spring Launch

The season is taking shape and so is RAK’s event to commemorate the launching of new products and exciting events for IoT enthusiasts all over the world.

We’ve got a lot in store for the next few days and weeks and we hope you’re excited. If you need a little help hyping up your friends for this once-a-year event, here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss The Big Tech Bloom:

  1. Big exciting prizes
    We have got some amazing prizes lined up the next few days and these will surely help you build innovative IoT projects. Sounds exciting? Make sure to keep yourself updated on all the events and mechanics to score all the awesome rewards.

  2. Connect with the RAK Team!
    The Big Tech Bloom will give you a chance to mingle and connect with the RAK team! The series of events will be an opportune time to learn more about RAK and what we can offer to help you create your IoT products and solutions. RAK is always ready and willing to help out, and this event will be an opportunity to have a conversation with RAK.

  3. Exclusive FREE access to products to be launched
    As mentioned in our previous blog, The Big Tech Bloom is our way to unveil our latest product lines and as an attendee, you are given exclusive and free access to the products being launched. Get to hear about the latest and greatest in the RAK arsenal, and have a chance to see demos of what these new solutions can do.

  4. Get to know and network with fellow IoT enthusiasts!
    The event will bring together IoT enthusiasts like yourself from all over the world. Various events spread across the week can be utilized as a networking opportunity to connect and collaborate with developers, engineers, and IoT lovers for your next project. RAK encourages the building of this community because, in turn, more innovative solutions can blossom in the process.

  5. Experience a brand new RAK way
    Brand new technology will be introduced during the summit and will redefine how you experience RAK products and solutions. The Big Tech Bloom will introduce new ways of customization, management, and creation –– all to usher in innovations from IoT enthusiasts like you that we’ve never seen before.

Don’t miss out on RAK’s most exciting event for spring: The Big Tech Bloom! Sign up now to get exclusive access to all our big and exciting prizes!