In this "Hands-on RAKStars" session, Eduardo shared with us what motivated him to create Electronic Cats, as well as his experience in creating hardware in Latin America. We also talked about the impact that communities have on people, and about tips-n-tricks to start developing IoT projects from scratch.

Hands-on with RAKStars is where you will find all passionate IoT developers in the community. In each episode, our #RAKStars talk about their cool projects, hacks, and many other awesome experiences.

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Session guest: Eduardo Contreras @ForeverWero

Eduardo is an Electronic Engineer, passionate about tech development and science. Electronic Cats co-founder and collaborator in The Inventor's House, an association dedicated to the diffusion of science and technology.

His passion for communities and education has made him participate in various international events such as hackathons, talks, and workshops.


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