Hands-on with RAKStars Episode 24 with Carl Erick Rowan

Carl, a curious electronics engineer who has dedicated his career to supporting different activities around the development of hardware products from kick-off to mass production – we can call him a jack of all trades. Carl shares his experiences holding the role of Technical Documentation Lead at RAKwireless, where he is empowering thousands of people to get started with IoT product development using WisDuo, WisTrio, and WisBlock products family. In addition, he introduces the power of RUI (RAK Unified Interface) by sharing a demo about how to easily get started with the programming of any of the WisDuo using AT commands.

Hands-on with RAKStars​​​ is where you will find all passionate IoT​​ developers in the community. In each episode, our RAKStars talk about their cool projects, hacks, and many other awesome experiences.

Session guest: Carl Erick Rowan
Contact: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carlrowan/

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