Hands-on with RAKStars Episode 27 with Abhijeet Bhatikar

Abhijeet Bhatikar is a Software Developer at Accenture The Dock, Dublin, Ireland. He is an accomplished architect and a programmer with more than 15 years of tech experience. He enjoys using his skills to contribute to the exciting technological advances that happen every day in the field of Cloud Engineering, AI, and IoT. Furthermore, he holds a Bachelor's Degree in Information and Technology.

Abhijeet has built cars ranging from very small to 1/5 size with teleoperation capability. He has also a project call fitbit-for-bees which does health monitoring of bee hives. He has also worked on building a bespoke chair for an Alzheimer patient with the capabilities to play its favourite music, radio, and AI voice assistant. It got showcased on National Television series in Ireland. He has been a mentor to kids to help build toys using Robotics and simple scientific principles.

He is obsessed with all tech-related things and spends his free time building cool gadgets and developing software. Likewise, he enjoys watching sci-fi, mysteries, and thriller movies, listening to Indian classical music with his son and eating delicious food cooked by his wife.

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Session guest: Abhijeet Bhatikar
Contact: https://twitter.com/abhibhatikar

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