Hands-on with RAKStars Episode 7 with Alejandro Juan & Oscar Flores

In this session, we will discuss Alejandro's, and Oscar's, experience working with Electronics projects using LoRa, and how they have created local communities to promote the use of technology in their cities. In addition, they will share about a project they have been working on together, a system that allows them to map the coverage of LoRa gateways of  TTN and Helium using WisBlock.

Hands-on with #RAKStars is where you will find all passionate IoT developers in the community. In each episode, our RAKStars talk about their cool projects, hacks, and many other awesome experiences.

Session guest: Alejandro Juan
Contact: https://twitter.com/AlexCorvis84

Telecommunication Engineer specialized in Telematics, and IoT lover. Technology enthusiast, maker, tinkerer, and breaker of toys since he was a child, just seeking to learn how and why things work. Co-founder of a non-profit organization, MakersAustrias which aims to foster STEAM education among young people and promote access to technology for boys & girls.

Session guest: Oscar Flores
Contact: https://twitter.com/iotflovid

Electronic Engineer since 20 years ago, maker, entrepreneur, father of two, passionate of tech and science. IoT Evangelist in La Paz, Mexico, who is expanding the LoRa network in the city to provide the opportunity to create monitoring and control services to public, private, and research organizations.

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