RAK Rides a LoRaWAN®-Way Ticket To The Things Summer Academy!

LoRaWAN is an integral part of the IoT ecosystem, and time and again, RAK finds ways to integrate this disruptive technology into the solutions they create as a company. As a result, an influx of tech veterans and novices alike are flocking to learn more about what makes LoRaWAN tick and lucky for them, The Things Network in partnership with RAK has got just the right thing!

Introducing: The Things Summer Academy –– a week-long look into the world of LoRaWAN happening from August 16th to 20th. The event will be a collection of workshops, lectures, and activities centered on understanding the technology behind LoRa and LoRaWAN and putting it into practice. This is an exciting time for developers, professionals, and/or students of all levels who are keen to start or supplement their LoRaWAN careers.

Some of RAK’s most popular products utilize LoRaWAN because of its versatile nature and impeccable long-range connectivity. That is why RAK is proud to announce that Xose Pérez, RAK’s very own consultant, IoT developer & core member at The Things Network Barcelona, will be conducting a workshop during The Things Summer Academy on August 16th!

This summer academy will be a great place both for beginners and not-so beginners to get a global picture of a LoraWAN network, from the hardware, firmware, and protocols involved in the communication to the network architecture. During the RAK workshop, Xose will discuss the different available hardware options for a LoRaWAN gateway, the basics, and what extras you will need to deploy outdoors for maximum coverage. The workshop will also cover how to easily deploy the firmware on the device using Balena.io and monitor the status of the gateway remotely, almost in one click!

On what one can expect for the workshop and The Things Summer Academy, Xose shares, “The goal is to show that building a LoRaWAN gateway can be fun and not complex at all. After all, RAK's mission is IoT made easy”

The Things Summer Academy will be a time to learn, collaborate, and network with some of the greatest minds in IoT. Grab the chance to do a deep-dive on LoRaWAN and learn how this technology is slowly changing the world.

But that's not all, everyone who joins the academy will receive a 15% discount code to purchase the RAK hardware you need to make your LoRaWAN projects a reality!

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