RAKstars Discord Community has reached over 1K members!

We are delighted to share with you an exciting milestone… Our RAKstars Discord Community has reached 1,000 members and counting! It is fantastic to see more people joining every day, sharing thoughts, projects ideas, resources, problem solutions, and much more. We love engaging with you all.

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To each RAKstar, thank you for coming on board. To all who have spread the word and have helped out, a very special thank you.

It makes us smile when we see members connecting and helping each other out in the community, either on the Discord or Forum channels. It is inspiring to see RAKstars sharing their ideas and project progress along the way, making our community come alive. You all are the ones who inspire and empower other IoT enthusiasts to join us and start making a positive change by implementing and sharing relevant projects for the different industries and use cases all over the world.

RAKwireless Forum
The official forum for RAKwireless software and hardware support. You’ll find discussions on topics such as: instalation, configuration, troubleshooting, maintanance, software development, community projects and much more.

Regardless of your background or your level of expertise in electronics, programming, communication protocols for IoT projects such as LoRa, LoRaWAN, Helium LongFi, WiFi, BLE, or cellular, our community is here to help you. You are welcome. We invite you to join and start connecting, sharing ideas, experiences, solutions so we can learn from each other and grow together – you may have great ideas, but you still need the proper guidance and support to make them happen.

We look forward to an even more exciting time with you. Stay tuned to the different channels to be up to date on events, products releases, projects, giveaways, community activities, and programs, as well as access to relevant resources for building your IoT projects, including sample code, 3D printing enclosures, project ideas, relevant articles, events, and much more.

The RAKstars Discord isn't the only place you can find us. We're also actively engaged with community members on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

We hope you'll join us on our different channels, and THANK YOU for helping us reach such a significant milestone!