WisBlock: Your Go-To for Ultra Low Power Deployments

High energy consumption is one of the most common barriers of entry in the IoT industry. Not only is it bad for the environment, but high energy consumption also means higher costs and more complex maintenance. At RAK, we’re well aware of this roadblock — in fact, it’s something we’re constantly thinking about as a company that specializes in the Low-Power Wide-Area (or LPWA) sector.

To remedy it, we’ve come up with our own solution in the form of WisBlock. This product series was designed to help people create low-power, efficient IoT solutions. With its modular approach, WisBlock lets you develop, code, prototype, test, and finalize your designs with ease, all while conserving energy. Here are the 4 WisBlock product components you need to know about for enabling ultra low-power IoT solutions.

1.WisBlock Base
The WisBlock Base is the foundation that connects all WisBlock modules together. More importantly, it provides the power supply for your creation. You can choose among several power options: 5V USB, 3.7V LiPo battery, 5V solar panel, or any combination of those three. This versatile design makes it easy to optimize your energy supply and choose the right option for your needs. Additionally, it also gives you the option to switch your power supply on and off when using the WisBlock Sensor and IO slots.

2.WisBlock Core
For low power consumption and high performance, the WisBlock Core series offers the kind of data processing center you need. It’s made with the latest LoRa transceiver chip Semtech SX1262. This chip enables high range LoRaWAN® communications at a lower power consumption than the previous version. On top of that, it also includes the powerful Nordic nRF52840 MCU, which supports Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 5.0). With these features combined, the WisBlock Core series is your ultimate low power communications solution.

3.WisBlock Sensors
When it comes to customizations, make WisBlock sensors your next go-to. You can choose among a wide variety of options, from environmental and heart rate sensors to location and ambient light sensors, among others. No matter which one you choose, WisBlock sensors are designed to save energy and consume low amounts of power, so they’re ideal for battery-operated applications. When used with the WisBlock system, you can even power down the module to reduce the system’s energy consumption even more.

4.WisBlock IO Modules
For your interface needs, the WisBlock IO modules offer multiple options. They extend your WisBlock capabilities with several interface, input, output, and communication possibilities. But more importantly, they enable low power consumption and can be turned on and off through WisBlock Core. This gives you ultimate control over energy consumption and lets you create more sustainable cost-efficient applications.

Click. Code. Connect. Start developing your low-power IoT solution with WisBlock today!