Modular IoT Hardware Development is Now Possible with the WisBlock Connected Box

Modular IoT hardware is the new and exciting way to create devices for any industry, something RAKwireless has already provided to its community of RAKStars.

When we talk about modular concepts, we refer to a design principle that subdivides a system into smaller parts, which can be independently created, modified, replaced, or exchanged with other modules on the go. Therefore, there is no fixed, single system, but rather a unified system capable of being reused for various purposes – like the WisBlock, a modular hardware development platform that enables the development of custom IoT end devices for any industry.

Nowadays, multiple plug-n-play IoT kits are widely available for various purposes, including educational programs, maker projects, or early proof-of-concept prototyping. However, these are insufficient creating more customized, robust, and reliable IoT devices capable of being deployed over time and in real environments.

RAKwireless knows the IoT ecosystem, its community, how they work, and how they expect devices to operate. This is why the WisBlock is here for the RAKStars community – to offer consistency and quality from learning about IoT or prototyping ideas when your devices are deployed in real environments.

No matter the purpose, WisBlock can adapt to it. Whether for educational projects, in-house projects at your favorite maker space, an IoT tool to carry out workshops, a hardware kit providing platform solutions, or even for all the ideas popping into your mind right now, the Connected Box is an all in one toolkit for creating your IoT projects.

WisBlock Connected Box is an affordable kit that provides all the modules available for the WisBlock, allowing you to start developing your next IoT project quickly – you are the one who decides the limits in terms of processing, connectivity, sensing, and management of external inputs or outputs.

WisBlock Connected Box
WisBlock Connected Box

The Internet of Things is our present, and it will blow up in our future. It is basically like a superhero: invisible, but it makes our life better, at work, socially, and personally. In other words, IoT enables “connected things” to collect data and exchange it to make effective decisions based on the acquired data to drive improvements in the processes, allow us to save time, money, and resources –– making it even more important to educate new generations and those interested in technical topics related to IoT, both at the hardware and software level, to create an efficient and safe connected future.

Education is more than classroom instruction; It is a journey that explores facets of individuality, teaches perseverance, and builds character. Future careers will rely heavily on 21st-century skills – critical thinking, creativity, cultural awareness, collaboration, and problem-solving. Providing tools both in hardware and software empowers students and professors to boost their skills and research projects under IoT technologies – making the WisBlock Connected Box an ideal kit for your workshops to help thousands of people get started in the IoT world quickly and in a simple way: just clicking, coding and connecting. Thanks to the wide variety of modules offered in this modular kit, you’ll be able to run workshops in smart agriculture, smart cities, manufacturing, smart homes, and buildings, among others, just with the connected box – all you need in just one place!

If, for any reason, you need any extra functionality that is not provided by any of the WisBlock modules, no problem at all. More than a product, it's an open-source project that provides all the documentation for both hardware and software, allowing the RAKStars community to create new modules quickly and to contribute to the IoT ecosystem at the same time.

Additionally, the box can be completely tailored in terms of design, as well as modules available in it, for a better user experience – be it for the members of the community you lead, potential customers of your software or telecom services, students of the educational program you run worldwide, among other possibilities.

Now then, is there any idea in your mind for developing using the WisBlock? A smart agriculture system? An asset tracking system? These are some project ideas you can develop as soon as you get your WisBlock Connected Box:

Do not hesitate to contact us to work on a customized connected box for your company or education program. WisBlock is the best modular IoT kit option for your projects, and we'd love to know more about what you have in mind for it!

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Want to know more about the concept of WisBlock? Download the e-book here.

Happy Hacking, RAKStars!