RAK and One Planet Education Network Promote IoT Learning and Development Through STEM Kit

When we envision making IoT easy for everyone, we do mean everyone. We want to involve every single person in the development of IoT worldwide and make IoT education available for students everywhere.

That is why we are proud to announce the successful launch of our OPEN-RAK Do-It-Yourself (DIY) STEM Lab Sensor WisBlock Kits for students and a data analytics education network with our partner, One Planet Education Network (OPEN), and with the help of Helium and Ubidots technology.

With OPEN, we wanted to create a STEM kit so that students can learn and create a wide variety of sensor types that they can use at school or at home. They can make weather monitoring sensors, climate change monitoring sensors, or even pollution particulate sensors for gardening, farming, and other applications.

George Newman, CEO of OPEN, shares his thoughts on their first week using the kit. “Our first day of the workshops on STEM and our Sensor Kits went really, really well,” he said. “During the week, we got into the nuts and bolts diving into STEM learning and all about our kits and how they can help in building 21st-century skills for teachers and students around the world—for stronger economies and jobs everywhere, and simultaneously applying them for society’s many needs, sustainably.”

OPEN is planning to further expand its reach so that they are able to collaborate with more students on a global scale. The use of WisBlock’s modular IoT technology helps learners develop skills such as critical thinking, data analysis, and cooperation which are essential in today’s workplace.

The OPEN-RAK-DIY STEM Lab Sensor WisBlock Kits for students are one of the many ways we can make IoT easy for students, and even teachers or parents, to learn its value and promise. Through learning what benefits IoT can have for our future, we can start building it together sustainably and collaboratively.

We are one with OPEN in opening the minds of students through the use of IoT. For more information on the partnership, please visit oneplaneteducation.com. To learn more about the WisBlock modules from RAKwireless, visit store.rakwireless.com/pages/wisblock

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