What Antennas Can Do for your LoRa/LoRaWAN® Solutions

First and foremost, antennas are a part of your IoT devices. It is the crucial part of a solution since its main role is to ensure your device is reachable. Thus, acquiring a good antenna or upgrading the standard antenna is encouraged to achieve quality performance.

LoRa antenna use cases

Let’s say you’ve got your hands on an antenna. What now? Below are three use cases to find out how to improve your solutions using a LoRa antenna:

Supply Chain Monitoring

LoRaWAN® has an exceptional potential to improve the process in supply chain and logistics, wherein items are being transported around the world. In preventive and predictive maintenance and theft prevention, long-range transmissions need to be running smoothly. Therefore, LoRa antennas are of great help in extending your network to ensure that your devices are reachable no matter the distance.

Goods Transportation Monitoring

In asset tracking and fleet operation, whether local or international, this would still involve your goods to be transported from point A to B. This requires stable communication amongst your devices, especially in long distances. Therefore, LoRa® antennas are utilized to assist you in guaranteeing that your products are deployed and delivered. Plus, get real-time data on its location.


Agriculture does not have to be limited to a traditional process. Various sensors are now available to monitor temperature and humidity, soil moisture, light, and other atmospheric conditions. Other than this, automatic irrigation systems for watering and indoor monitoring systems for post-harvest concerns can be built as well.

Blockchain mining

Blockchain mining is on the rise and you can take part in it through the help of LoRa antenna to achieve wide coverage. An example of this is The Helium Network, wherein hosts earn Helium Network Tokens ($HNT) by providing hotspots to users that patch in. LoRa® antennas are used in solutions like these to expand the coverage area of their miner, which helps in strengthening the network and increasing $HNT earnings.

In short, LoRa antennas don’t look like much, but they are responsible for data across devices. They are a vital element for communication, which results in solutions that perform better.

Thinking of purchasing an antenna? The RAKwireless Fiberglass Antenna is a high-performance omnidirectional antenna. It is a LoRa antenna that supports multiple LoRa bands and is made of durable material to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. You can choose from different gains based on your needs. We also have the right indoor antennas. And all the accessories you need such as mounts, brackets, and high-quality low loss cables with different connectors.

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