3 IoT Hardware Products from RAK to Check Out in 2022

It’s been a big year for RAK. Our 2021 was marked by many milestones: the Big Tech Bloom, WisDM release, TrackIt autumn launch, as well as the debut of the MNTD. sub-brand. Our catalog of IoT products and services continues to grow and with a new year comes new projects, too.

If you’re an IoT developer or hobbyist, grow your skills in 2022 by investing in quality IoT gear. There’s no better place to look for hardware than the RAKwireless store. Here are 3 IoT products you might want to add to your arsenal this year—all recommended by our in-house experts. Welcome to 2022!

1. Helium Mapper Kit

If you’re invested in the Helium network, this WisBlock-based solution might be the perfect passion project for you. It provides all the pieces you need to build your own Helium mapper node, including a WisBlock Core module that’s already flashed with the Helium Mapper Firmware for quicker setup. By building a Helium mapper node, you contribute to the community-driven Helium Mapper project, which aims to provide information about the coverage of nodes (LoRaWAN® end devices) within the Helium Network. For reference, you can find the current coverage map at mappers.helium.com.

2. RAK3272S Breakout Board

For rapid testing and prototyping, equip yourself with this versatile breakout board. It’s specifically designed to allow easy access to pins, so you can develop, test, and improve your projects as quickly as possible. Built with the RAK3172 module for LoRaWAN®, it’s integrated with the latest STM32WLE5CC chip. This supports LoRa Point-to-Point (P2P) communication mode, so you can implement your customized long-range LoRa network quickly.

3. WisGate Edge Pro RAK7289 | Gateway for LoRaWAN

Looking to strengthen your LoRa® network this year? Go for an industrial-grade gateway like the WisGate Edge Pro. It’s based on RAK5146 and integrated with the latest Semtech LoRa® chip, SX1303. Plus, this new design allows for GPS, WiFi and LTE (optional) antennas to be placed inside the gateway enclosure. Made for commercial IoT deployment, this gateway provides improved durability, reliable coverage, and faster deployment.

No matter what you plan to build, you’re sure to find something that fits your IoT needs at RAKwireless. We've got exciting things lined up for 2022, so stay tuned for more product updates, releases, and news. Here's to a productive new year!

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